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bear by san

March 2017



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i'll have to find another tower somewhere and keep away from the windows

Can't... give... up...

Can't... pass.. out...

Two thirds of the way through the penultimate chapter of Range of Ghosts. Tomorrow, if I can get them through a state dinner, a sex scene, and an ancient cursed kurgan (with possible bonus Conan homage?) I will have only one chapter left to write.

And that's mostly a climactic space battle with bonus flying things and magic, and I will have a draft.

A draft that needs one whole narrative thread added, but it's all in cut scenes, so that'll take like one day of hard work.

Oh god.
Where's Spidey when I need him?


*gets behind you and starts pushing*


Do you need Spidey... or a Mongolian death worm?!?
Why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why

(And of course as soon as I backspace in horror, a fruit fly flies into my ear. I think it might be time for me to go home.)
Damn. Now you've given away the climax of book three.

"Worms rise. Everyone dies."

Really, think about it. Wasn't that the perfect ending to Chapterhouse: Dune?
I thought they were all going to be stung by bees and die?
As an answer to the Infernokrusher movement, you’re pioneering “Cryptokrusher”, where cryptozoological beasts wreak the mayhem?
A rather prefer the idea of cockroaches that shoot flames out of their butts burning everything down, personally.

However, my tastes in science fiction may run toward the plebian.


Ah, but I do love that song.

Your blog titles often add to my mental soundtrack, but I really needed that one in my playlist today. Hope it helped you get through the rest of that chapter as much as it helped me get through my day!

Re: Ah, but I do love that song.

It perks one up....
You can do it. You've got a limitless supply of genius trapped in that head and heart of yours; just let it flow how it wants to, within reason, and all will be well. (:

...That's all I got to say. It's pretty much mandatory. :)