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under the red sun

[13:31] matociquala: I need to name the !Sarmatian
[13:31] matociquala: Since we only have greek words for them this is complicated.
[13:31] matociquala: Maybe I'll just go latinate and fuck it.
[13:33] hawkwing_lb: or you could go Turkish. :-)
[13:33] matociquala: Or Slavic
[13:33] matociquala: I alsready have Nottomans,
[13:34] matociquala: so I'm avoiding the turkish
[13:34] matociquala: The woman-king has a fairly Slavic name.
[13:35] hawkwing_lb: I'm a little prejudiced concerning latinate names, me.
[13:35] matociquala: heh
[13:36] matociquala: I think I will call him Saura.
[13:36] hawkwing_lb: I do not like to see them outside Rome. :-)
[13:36] matociquala: Which is officially an obscure joke only you will get.
[13:36] matociquala: (You know the etymology behind Sarmatian, right?)
[13:36] hawkwing_lb: Herodotos!
[13:37] matociquala: Yes *g*
[13:37] matociquala: This is why I pay Liz.
[13:38] hawkwing_lb: Herodotos is full of crazy and wonderful stuff.
[13:39] matociquala: He keeps turning up in my research
[13:40] matociquala: Of course, I'm mashing up 2000 years of history, but don't tell.
[13:40] hawkwing_lb: Wouldn't dream of it.


[13:44] hawkwing_lb: I'm quite fond of Herodotos. He has interesting ideas about what people who are not Greek do.
[13:44] hawkwing_lb: Mostly wrong ideas, but, still. Interesting. :-)
[13:45] matociquala: Hey, this is fantasy. It doesn't have to be right, it just has to be interesting.
[13:45] matociquala: Okay, nearly to the conan homage here.
[13:45] hawkwing_lb: I('m thinking about his much debated account of Babylonian temple prostitution)
[13:46] hawkwing_lb: Conan homage!
[13:46] matociquala: Hmm, think I can use depictions in kurgan stelae as evidence that women routinely went bare-chested?

...that's why they call it fantasy.
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