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heya, that's an in-joke

Okay, so I'm dreading tonight's episode of Criminal Minds, for reasons which will be obvious to those of you who follow the show's meta.

But anyway, I was having a twitter conversation with Diana Gill (@dianagill), who it turns out is also a fan, and I was sharing with her my favorite bit of CM trivia, which is something beatriceeagle noticed, and she asked for a screen cap....

This is a screencap from 2x08, "Empty Planet." In which the plot revolves around a mad bomber inspired by a science fiction novel entitled Empty Planet, with a plot which is equal parts Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Player Piano.

But the book inside the prop dustjacket, here being read by Our Hero Junior Division Dr. Spencer Reid, is Shadowed by Wings by Janine Cross, which is the sequel to a book that was getting considerable flap and attention on the Internet about then--the infamous Touched by Venom.

Ladies and gentlemen, a network TV show weighs in on an SFF inside baseball internet slapfight.

And this is why My Show is the best show. I mean, besides its brilliant characterization, achingly complex thematic freight, and often pretty good story arcs.

...despite whatever happens tonight, which I will be watching on tape-delay, so please don't spoiler me until midnight EDT at the earliest. Thanks!
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