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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds jj this is the lie

"That sounds like a profile."

Criminal Minds 6x02, "JJ," written by Erica Messer, Directed by Charles S. Carroll

Strauss and JJ both in shades of purple. Princess and queen. And JJ with the new hairdo.

Oh thank you, show, for not doing the work makes women bad mothers thing.

Wow. They managed to find a WORSE haircut for Reid. How do they do that?

And Hotch pushing JJ to make the choice he didn't make, and so lost his family.

"You'd think profilers would cover better than that."

I love how Garcia's palette conflicts with the team's. Have I mentioned yet this season how much the wardrobe mistress* on this show rocks?

Reid's checking up on JJ. And apparently lactose intolerant. Poor Reid.

And the missing girl's mom is also in violet.

Interrogation 101.

And Reid has upgraded his sweater vests. To one in a shade of blue-purple. I am surprised they missed Hotch. Although really, nobody on that street is reacting to Reid's sidearm?

Greenscreen! Yay!

Nice lingering shot of JJ's Mom's ring.
And the missing girl's dad is an asshole. While JJ is a mensch.

"Naughty boys."
I like how Morgan and Prentiss are ready to hang them, and then find the mitigating circumstances.

Prentiss working the assumed subordinate personality is gorgeous.

I want to drown Kate's father in a barrel.

"Sounds like a peach."
"You should talk to him."
"Love to."
That is sucha great mirror of the Gideon-Hotch conversation at the end of "Natural Born Killer."

I'm loving how this episode shows us how the team works as a team--Rossi and Morgan, Prentiss and Reid. Making it look to the unsubs like what they're doing is spontaneous when every move is orchestrated.

And JJ cracks the case!

Oh, Hotch. Him looking at JJ and Kate's mom hugging is brutal.

And there's JJ with her sister's necklace.

"She's big on procedure."

I also love "We're not replacing you." I wonder just how hard a fight the CM production team put up to prevent the network from putting another woman in that slot, as if they were interchangeable widgets.

Oh, snap.

Aww. Reid is the saddest Reid ever. "They can't just take you away." He still does not lose people well.

Oh, the meta. It burns. And that closing shot through the FBI seal. Which is probably bulletproof glass, these days.

That was a hell of an episode on so many levels; the team dynamic, the tough survivor of a "victim" (that term often seems the wrong choice on this show), the pitch-perfect interviews and the characters working the case.

Show, I love you. Thank you for not fucking this up. Network, bite me.

*making a possibly unfair gender assumption


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I want want WANT Garcia's glasses. Plus, she cries the same way I do. It's not pretty but it shouldn't be.
That's because Vangsness is brilliant and fearless.
I started tearing up at 00:45, but didn't utterly lose it until she went to Garcia's office.

I don't actually know if CBS wanted to add a new castmember--I've believed all along that they didn't want to pay salaries to 3 women.
Yeah, that was the point when I grabbed the cat and a kleenex. ::sniffle::
No doubt in mind that's what that was about.

See also, Gideon's departure.
The necklace, man. That's what broke me, and what saved the show for me too: that on this character's last episode, they refused to forget the history they'd built up for her, refused to stop doing what they do.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the last ten minutes. I loved the "fuck you" to the network. But it was the necklace that made me remember just how much I love this show.
Yes. Jeepers. The necklace. And comment about the brother. Tying back into what she told Hotch about her sister, and that was perfect.

You know, Erica's really blossomed as a writer this past year. Her arcs are a lot stronger.

And Hotch's history, and Reid's, both informing the way they deal with her leaving--or don't, quite.

And Morgan dealing with the rapist, and using his anger.

And the girl surviving against all odds. JJ got to save one. Every so often they win.
Word is that they wanted to replace AJ and Paget with a younger female character, and it's not going to happen that way.

Based on what the cast were saying at the same time? I rather imagine that the atmosphere around the set was pretty much identical to the atmosphere around the 'net.
I was prepared to rail against this episode's plot, and declare it a rip-off, but having 75% of it be all in the interrogation rooms shut me up immediately. AND it was competence porn all over, not "oh JJ's leaving we suddenly can't do our jobs", which would have bugged.

Katie Joyce is tougher than anybody, showing up those sad little douchebags. That image of her on the buoy was pretty beautiful. Add Ellie and (another) Katie to the list of survivors I'd watch a show about. (Why couldn't that be the spinoff?)

Reid, who has a number or response for everything, stuck on repeat. Rossi being the emotionally mature grumpy badger. Hotch...oh Hotch, who can't keep yet another family together. KIRSTEN VANGSNESS NOT PLAYING AT ALL FAIR.
Hotch shaking hands and "I'll miss you"= Penelope hugging. Because if Hotch had gone any further, there would have been public stuffing leakage.

I had a work-team, and we went through this 2 months ago now, and even voluntarily, leaving them behind was brutal.
"The only thing you can trust is the ground underneath you, until one day it shifts."
A rip off? I'm not sure they can actually rip off a plot they use once a season. It's theme and variation at this point.

There are only so many kinds of serial killers, after all. I think the way they handle them--and this time, we turn a different facet of this story upwards--is very smart. Because really, every year we get the cult, we get the arsonist, we get the bomber, we get The Most Dangerous Game, we get the team--because they have to work with what they have.

Or start doing stupid Hollywood shit, which they are pretty good at avoiding.

I do love that they worked with the interview. Those are really, no holds barred, this show's strength. These people write interviews like Perry Mason did courtroom drama.
I love you, Criminal Minds. You take you anger and irritation and make it into an episode that "obeys" the laws by openly mocking them and their decisions.

I held it together, until JJ walked into Garcia's office. And then I lost it, all while cursing the show for making me cry.

The continuity with JJ was great, but I personally loved the continuity with Emily and her Strauss-issues. Between her quick and obvious irritation in the “I don’t trust her for a second.” “You shouldn’t.” exchange, and her small twitch of resentment after “Strauss thinks we’re all replaceable. I went over her head to try to explain that we’re not.”, I felt like that relationship was very much in continuity.

Am I the only one who thought it was interesting that, during the Montage of Making You Cry Harder, there was a shot of JJ with Emily, then with Garcia, then with Reid, and then it went to shots of the team as a whole, instead of doing each team member, or only group shots?
Yeah. I wonder if that's going to play into Emily leaving.

Oh god, we have to do this again in twenty episodes. I'm pretty sure I can't stand it.

Whatever twerp in the gleaming chrome and glass dunghill of ABC/CBS made this decision, I hope they live to regret it.
The last 10 minutes of the show? First time I've cried since I went on antidepressants a year ago.

The interrogation scenes were just so lovely--the team was so well-written and the acting was so great. It looks like everyone on set did their very best with this ep.
The CM Writers: Penelope Garcia, in collective form. DO NOT FUCK WITH THEM. Or discover your credit score/Q rating in tatters the next day.
For what it may be worth, I thought he bore an uncanny resemblance to Simon Baker, who plays The Mentalist.
You know, I really look forward to the day someone on the Criminal Minds staff retires or goes into another line of writing and decides to publish his or her Hollywood memoirs.

Barring that, the day I run into one of them at a con and buy them lots of drinks.
Hah! Yes.
I think what broke my heart was Hotch shaking her hand. Oh Aaron.

I don't think I blame Strauss. But in the shorthand in my head she's The Suit The Team Answers To and right now I am not charitably disposed toward suits in general.

I love that JJ's final case was a win against all odds by a strong determined young woman. I love that the team was so synched and in tune. I love that JJ didn't go away to Be A Mommy Land or marry Will and follow his job. I love the way she carried herself in those last few scenes- AJ Cook, wow. I love the way JJ tried to take care of the parents in spite of themselves. I love that shot of the mother in the hospital bed with her arms around Katie.

But the network suits are assholes.
What you said.
I was too distracted by the gorgeous blue Garcia was wearing and the gorgeous purple JJ was wearing (with her gorgeous haircut) to notice others were wearing purple too. Colour of mourning of course.

Just before they found the girl I'd have liked for JJ to be a bit more... wanting to hope but not really hoping; and afterwards a bit more surprised. I wanted the parents to be more surprised too, though I'm less sure of my psychology on that. Basically I just wanted a couple seconds extra weight on the fact that this was bloody amazing.

But otherwise, it was wonderful. I loved how upset the smarmy 'dominant' guy got when he started working out what had happened.

And I lost it when Reid repeated himself.

And the meta was glorious. ...I wonder if the execs even watch?
Yeah, I spent the whole episode proud of the meta, and then pretty much lost it when Reid started in and cried from there on out.

When Spencer cries, everybody cries.

Hey, that's his godson's mama. Someday, somewhere, somebody is gonna pay for this.
It wasn't Reid repeating himself that got to me--it was the quivering lip afterwards. Nothing breaks my heart quicker than the sight of a man trying not to cry, and the quivering lip will destroy me every time.
This is making me cry because my whole neighborhood had a power outage about 15 minutes into the episode and didn't come back until the show was over. I wish I could have seen those last few minutes. I'm so mad.
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