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"That sounds like a profile."

Criminal Minds 6x02, "JJ," written by Erica Messer, Directed by Charles S. Carroll

Strauss and JJ both in shades of purple. Princess and queen. And JJ with the new hairdo.

Oh thank you, show, for not doing the work makes women bad mothers thing.

Wow. They managed to find a WORSE haircut for Reid. How do they do that?

And Hotch pushing JJ to make the choice he didn't make, and so lost his family.

"You'd think profilers would cover better than that."

I love how Garcia's palette conflicts with the team's. Have I mentioned yet this season how much the wardrobe mistress* on this show rocks?

Reid's checking up on JJ. And apparently lactose intolerant. Poor Reid.

And the missing girl's mom is also in violet.

Interrogation 101.

And Reid has upgraded his sweater vests. To one in a shade of blue-purple. I am surprised they missed Hotch. Although really, nobody on that street is reacting to Reid's sidearm?

Greenscreen! Yay!

Nice lingering shot of JJ's Mom's ring.
And the missing girl's dad is an asshole. While JJ is a mensch.

"Naughty boys."
I like how Morgan and Prentiss are ready to hang them, and then find the mitigating circumstances.

Prentiss working the assumed subordinate personality is gorgeous.

I want to drown Kate's father in a barrel.

"Sounds like a peach."
"You should talk to him."
"Love to."
That is sucha great mirror of the Gideon-Hotch conversation at the end of "Natural Born Killer."

I'm loving how this episode shows us how the team works as a team--Rossi and Morgan, Prentiss and Reid. Making it look to the unsubs like what they're doing is spontaneous when every move is orchestrated.

And JJ cracks the case!

Oh, Hotch. Him looking at JJ and Kate's mom hugging is brutal.

And there's JJ with her sister's necklace.

"She's big on procedure."

I also love "We're not replacing you." I wonder just how hard a fight the CM production team put up to prevent the network from putting another woman in that slot, as if they were interchangeable widgets.

Oh, snap.

Aww. Reid is the saddest Reid ever. "They can't just take you away." He still does not lose people well.

Oh, the meta. It burns. And that closing shot through the FBI seal. Which is probably bulletproof glass, these days.

That was a hell of an episode on so many levels; the team dynamic, the tough survivor of a "victim" (that term often seems the wrong choice on this show), the pitch-perfect interviews and the characters working the case.

Show, I love you. Thank you for not fucking this up. Network, bite me.

*making a possibly unfair gender assumption
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