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Cat V. Monkey: Suitcase Edition

Complaint Department: Monkey? Are you... packing?
Monkey: I am. I'm going away for a week.
Complaint Department: But there are things all over the bed.
Monkey: I know. I will put them in the suitcase as soon as you get your furry butt off them.
Complaint Department: But now the bed is uncomfortable!
Monkey: That's because you are sleeping on my hairbrush.
Complaint Department: And your toothpaste. And some pill bottles.
Monkey: *sigh*
Complaint Department: *licks monkey's arm*
Monkey: Excuse me?
Complaint Department: *licks monkey's wrist*
Monkey: Is this a gentle reminder that the food bowl is empty?
Complaint Department: *licks monkey's toes*
Monkey: Ack! We do not negotiate with terrorists!
Complaint Department: Technically, this is extortion. It's a common mistake.
Monkey: ...there's food in your bowl. There has been all along.
Complaint Department: Made you look.
Monkey: At least you're off my hairbrush.
Fearless Kjitten: Hey! The bed is lumpy!
Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat
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