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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

New Shadow Unit!


Oh God. The coming-out phone call. I just...it makes me want to scream and bang heads and go stabbity on people, the fact that any of us still has to face that - face losing everything, from their job to their family to their life - to tell others what the rest of us don't have to think twice about sharing with the world and usually can't shut up about.

I love this person! They love me! In spite of the odds and signal-to-noise ratio, we found each other! And there's cake!

Goddamn it. Stabbity stab stab stab.
I had to have that conversation with my dad. Thank any and all the Gods that I know of and don't believe in, it went way better than Danny's call.

(Thank Christ and all His saints I never had to have it with my mother.)

Uh. Okay. Next time? Check personal baggage at the desk. Moving on.

I had a feeling about this episode, that it would be all about Brady and the issue. The fact that there seemed to be nothing anomalous about this UNSUB just adds to the ssndbag-factor. It wasn't anything especially dangerous, it just... it got to That Point.

Oh God. ECR.

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Bless you.
Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious . . . I am not all present and accounted for . . . but did "Spell 18A" ever go live? The title isn't a link on the page that lists the episodes and I don't remember seeing anything about it - nor can I find a reference in a quick go-over of your blog.
Thank you very kindly.