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[16:08] matociquala: So what does a Djinn look like, except blue?
[16:08] matociquala: I think he's incognito except for the part where he's standing in a brazier.
[16:09] tanaise: So, like a Navi
[16:10] stillsostrange: Does he look like a man?
[16:10] matociquala: Djinn were blue first.
[16:10] stillsostrange: Or something terrible and awful.
[16:10] matociquala: I think he's the Oz of the Djinn world.
[16:10] matociquala: except, you know, susceptible to flattery.
[16:11] matociquala: Because he is a Djinn, after all.
[16:11] matociquala: Maybe I should just make him look like a Middle Eastern Seth Green in lapis.
[16:11] matociquala: That would amuse me.
[16:11] stillsostrange: That would amuse about anyone, I think.
[16:11] tanaise: Scott Evil!
[16:12] matociquala: Pretty much yes.
[16:12] matociquala: *in the Oz voice*
[16:24] matociquala: There is no gravitas in this Djinn-summoning.
[16:26] matociquala: The PersiUns are advanced. They have trouser pocket technology.
[16:27] hawkwing_lb: sensible PersiUns.
[16:27] hawkwing_lb: Pockets might be in the top ten of most useful inventions of all time.
[16:27] matociquala: they are up there.
[16:27] hawkwing_lb: Or at least the most convenient.
[16:27] matociquala: Wheel, lever, aspirin, water screw, pockets.
[16:30] hawkwing_lb: yep.
[16:31] matociquala: condom, flush toilet, penicillin, coherent light, knife.
[16:31] matociquala: that's pretty much it right there.
[16:31] matociquala: food canning.
[16:31] stillsostrange: I want a dog-destinker.
[16:34] matociquala: Amanda, it will be your job to tell me if the flip, insolent Djinn thing works, or if I'm outsmarting myself.
[16:34] stillsostrange: Okay
[16:54] matociquala: Is the djinn a he or an it?
[16:54] tanaise: I'm pretty sure Seth Green is a he.
[16:55] matociquala: Yes, but he's only the actor playing the Djinn.
[16:55] matociquala: It's a demigod, after all.
[16:55] hawkwing_lb: my impression of djinni is that they are masculine.
[16:55] hawkwing_lb: but, you know, I've never met one.
[16:56] matociquala: It would simplify my pronoun issues if he were an it.
[16:56] matociquala: but I can work around it.
[16:56] tanaise: All the ones I know are male.
[16:56] matociquala: er, him.
[16:56] hawkwing_lb: they could be as sexless as angels, for all I know.
[16:56] stillsostrange: Does he want to be a he?
[16:56] matociquala: Well, I'm sure in this form he has boy parts.
[16:56] matociquala: This is more of a metaphysical question
[16:57] matociquala: It is a spirit of wind and fire, which are not, you know, necessarily gendered.
[16:57] stillsostrange: I think if he puts on a boy's body, he might as well be called a boy.
[16:57] stillsostrange: He could have dressed up as a frog, or smokeless flame, or whatever.
[16:57] matociquala: And when he shows up later as a pillar of flame?
[16:57] hawkwing_lb: but fire is - in the Islamic theory of the humours - a more masculine substance.
[16:57] matociquala: This is a world without Islam.
[16:57] stillsostrange: Then you're in for confusion. :P
[16:58] matociquala: Heh. I'm thinking proactively.
[16:58] hawkwing_lb: (also in the Greek theory. Humoural theory in general)
[16:58] matociquala: It's also a world without Greeks. *g*
[16:58] hawkwing_lb: fine, spoil my humours. :-P
[16:59] hawkwing_lb: descriptively speaking, not prescriptively.
[16:59] tanaise: Wait, but what if he has boyparts but feels like a girl?
[16:59] hawkwing_lb: if he has boyparts he should be a he.
[17:00] matociquala: Except he doesn't always have boyparts.
[17:00] matociquala: And animals can be its no matter what parts they have.
[17:00] matociquala: So I think he's an it.

...maybe. Unless I change my mind again.
Tags: amusement value, chatroom transcripts, eternal sky, range of ghosts, the writer at work
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