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December 2021



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phil ochs troubador

poor, poor pitiful me

While I peel and core a bushel of apples for pie filling, I leave you with a poll.

Poll #1632976 The Folk Process

When I lay my head on the railroad track...

...I wait for the Double E
...I stare at the sky all painted up
...the rail's hummin; there's a train comin'

Choose your weapon:

He packs a .44
He packs a .45
It was with his Iver Johnson gun.
A .44 smokeless laid under my head.

When Stagger Lee shot Billy...

...the bullet went through Billy DeLyon, broke the bartender's looking glass.
...Delia DeLyon shot Stagger Lee in the balls.
...it was because Billy won Stagger Lee's brand new Stetson hat.
...it was down at the Lions Club
...nonsense, it was in a pub called the Bucket of Blood
...it occurred during a coercive sex act

When I die...

...bury me in my high-top Stetson Hat
...with a gold piece on my watchchain
...six pretty maidens to carry my pall
...six crapshooters to carry my coffin
...six coal-black hustlers, rather
...so they'll know I died standing pat.
...whatever, so long as there's a jazz band


No ticky.


There's a book out there I read that details how the actual murder was part of a political struggle in Saint Louis. It's a great book, but I have no time for searching bibliography matters at the moment.
Waiting for the Double E, you say? That sounds like my life, only with buses, not trains.
Can I have the six pretty maidens and the jazz band?
Bah! Unclosed tag after the 'and'. Sorry.
I like the emphasis. It adds a certain urgency.
If you haven't already read it, The Rose and Briar: Death, Love and Liberty in the American Ballad is a pretty interesting look at several well-known ballads. It's mostly essays, but a few folks wrote short stories or produced artwork based on the songs. (Sharyn McCrumb, in particular, wrote a short story I loved.) The CD of the same title is pretty nifty too.
Okay, so now I have a question for you:

When you make a bushel's worth of apple pie filling, do you:

a) Can it?
b) Freeze it?
c) Something else?

I ask because I tried canning apple pie filling this year, and it was a dismal failure. So I was wondering if someone else had come up with a better recipe.
Can it. The trick is not to cook the apples; you just parboil them and then pour the hot syrup over them before sealing.
Aha! *Parboil* the apples. That might help. The recipe I used had me putting them in raw. Only problem was that when the jars sealed, the syrup came squirting out from under the lids as the apples began to cook. Made a huge mess and kept most of the jars from even sealing.

Sounds like maybe you overfilled the jars?
Well, the recipe didn't specify, so since these were pint jars, I left about half an inch of headspace. How much do you leave?
That's about what I do. I mean, sometimes I have stuff cook out a little in processing, but since it's in the water bath, it cooks out and washes away.
Well, I think I'll try parboiling next year anyway. And maybe leaving a tiny bit more space at the top. And I definitely want to get a peeler-corer like the one in the pictures you posted. I had to do all of my peeling/coring/cutting by hand. That just looks so slick!

Thanks for the advice!
The Apple Machine (for so it is hight) is indeed an freaking awesome tool. It makes a four-hour apple processing job into a one-hour apple processing job.
The Apple Machine is mighty!
Canning is less laborious than the process you describe. *g* Also, I don't have that much freezer space!
All the fussing around with freezing in pie tins sounds like work to me. Although if your apple pie filling doesn't include a thickener....
I don't know, but there was definitely a Stetson involved.
Maybe two.
Seven women going to the boneyard, but only six of them coming back.
Mad Libs mix-n-match works . . .
The Grateful Dead version ("shot him in the balls") owns. Period.
Back in the 70's, when Folk music was the officially sanctioned music for children, and I was a children, I got in trouble more than once for knowing versions and verses other than the nice ones in the book.
Though my initial reaction to "When I die..." was "please bury me deep, down at the end of Bleecker Street." Because that's how my mother raised me.

Er On that music. Not buried alive at the end of a road.