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bear by san

March 2017



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they never woke up from the american dream

Ahh, Autumn.

Today, I turned nearly a bushel of apples (Macouns, Staymans, Greenings) into 11.75 quarts of pie filling and 2 pints of applesauce, plus enough for a snack.

From this:

October 2010 057

October 2010 059  October 2010 060  October 2010 062

to this:

October 2010 063

Why northerners find hardy mums so funny:

October 2010 047

And in conclusion, totally October:

October 2010 049

When the bread is finished, I get a BLT.


Most awesome. And I expected to see your arm as the last picture, next to the leaf! LOL

Pie filling. Now that's really neat.
They're good eating apples too, if you can fight your way through the skins and don't mind the slightly starchy quality...
I'm going to come live with you. :) Make room! <3
Hmm, I got to this: Why northerners find hardy mums so funny: and had to scroll for the pic. I was a bit confused until I saw the flowers. *Oh, THOSE kind of mums.* (Yeah, Cdn, but my mother is my mum, not my mom. *lol*)
LOL. It must be autumn, the damned mums are everywhere.
Am I correct that all those Mums are in pots?! It may just be me, but it looks like they slapped down some fake plants to make their house look better. SPREAD THEM OUT AND MAKE THEM LOOK NICE. Gah!

In other news, I'm wondering how easy it is to walk past those two Mums plants to get up those stairs. They take up half of the stairway! Eek!
You're always good for the food porn.
I want one of those things you used to do the apples with. What do you call that thing?

In the throes of reading Carnival. I am so glad I bought this book. I sort of skimmed through it last year (not a good year for reading as my brain seemed too full of things to concentrate much on anything). This time, I'm really settling in and really reading it. I remember you giving us the door irising open as an example during one of the lectures. Had to smile when I read it. :)
It's called--wait for it--an apple machine! *g* And yeah, it's worth the twenty bucks.

I am so glad you're enjoying Carnival. I still have a soft spot for that one.

I stole the door irising thing from Heinlein. You could call it an homage.
The one my parents own was labeled "Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer" and so that's what we call it -- always by its full name spoken as quickly as possible. Applepeelercorerslicer. :)
Thanks for the link. I'm going to order one for myself. :)
Every time you post, I want to run out and can something. I canned some salsa a few months ago and no one in my family has had the nerve to crack one open and try it. :P
The good news is, salsa should be pretty safe. Tomatoes are high-acid, so if anything went wrong, it's more likely to be salmonella than botulism. *g*
Ooo, yummy. The applesauce is super easy if you have a pressure cooker... if you don't, it just takes an hour or so.
Oh yes. And also yes.
One of the things I love about applesauce is that it's really forgiving, so even without the pressure cooker, it works just fine, as long as you don't forget about it.

Hmmm ... now I'm contemplating crock-pot applesauce. (I am all about the crock pot at the moment). If nothing else, it would make the house smell amazing.
Man, New England is fantastic.
I like it here!
Every year, autumn comes around and you post pictures, and I miss CT autumns. Even the smell is different. Sure, there are wood fires in Virginia, but I think the way leaves decompose, or the sorts of mold, or something, is different here. Or I'm just nostalgic about my youth, late nights talking about saving the world, early breakfasts at O'Rourke's, sleep deprivation and love lost... Nah, definitely the apples and leaf smell.

I bet your house smells amazing. :)
You've got one of those appley-peeley-corey things! *envies*

[PS - re a comment above - what's HFCS?]
high fructose corn syrup. It's in fucking everything in America.
Oh, that leaf is exquisite :)
Just beautiful!