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Being a review of Criminal Minds 06x05, "Safe Haven," written  by Alicia Kirk, directed by Andy Wolk

At least this time the song being ruined forever isn't a personal childhood favorite of mine.

See, Derek? This is why Emily was worried. Ellie is a resourceful kid, though.

Mwahahaha. Okay, now they're using their own fictional cases as past examples. I wonder how long it'll be before some bad thriller treats Carl Arnold as a real serial killer?

I love this shot of Morgan and Hotch, with Prentiss leaning over Morgan's chair.

Greenscreen, drink!

"They were going to have tacos."

"They didn't know she was missing."

"We have a disorganized killer on a spree who appears perfectly stable." Prentiss sum up.

Your mom is right. Your mom, Reverend, was also right when she told you not to pick up hitch-hikers.

Reid cracks the case! And Rossi is only a half-step behind.

"It wasn't a game."

Good tension through the middle here.

"What? I know things!" My favorite moment of the episode. And Reid's startled stare is the best bit. I think the aspect of this episode I like best is the Reid/Rossi buddy flic.

Mare Winningham has a real Meredith Baxter Birney thing going on in this role. It's kind of evilly brilliant.

Sterling Beaumon is doing a really good job of volatile teenagerhood, too.

"They're not you, baby girl."
"They're sure not."

Hey, since when is Garcia an only child? I guess her brothers have been relegated to the same limbo as Hotch's.

"Please hold for genius."

Fake prop cast is fake!

Okay, the thing with the twin is painfully stupid.

But Hotch is right: Nancy is indeed impressive.

"How will I know."
"You'll know." Well, no, probably not. Shame on you for the comforting lies.

Absentee parents, another ongoing CM theme. I wonder what Reid would make of that conversation....

I did feel like the ending was too easy, though.

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