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i worked on the railroad, tuppence a day

Giant Ridiculous Dog: Monkey? Are you... cooking?
Monkey: I'm cutting up a duck.
GRD: That smells wonderful.
Monkey: It's a raw duck.
GRD: Raw duck is surely the nicest of all foods.
Monkey: It's also for dinner, so I'm not giving you any.
GRD: Not even just one of the feet?
Monkey: The feet are for the stock.
GRD: Not even the neck?
Monkey: The neck is for rendering. But you can have the pan after the duck is cooked.
GRD: And when will that be?
Monkey: Well, given brining time and cooking time... around 7 pm.
GRD: How long does it take to cook a duck?
Monkey: About three hours, if I do it the slow way. If I'm making Emergency Duck, only about an hour.
GRD: I promise this is an emergency. See how thin I am?
GRD: *stretches and sucks it in to display ribs*
Monkey: You can have some dog food now.
GRD: *soulful* Not even the head?
Monkey: The head is for the stock, too. Hang in there, GRD. Dinnertime is not so far. That's only eight and a half hours or so.
GRD: Eight and a half hours is forever in dog minutes. Hey, is that a pedestrian?!
Tags: food porn, giant ridiculous dog

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