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ease on down, ease on down the road.

Whew. Okay, and 4,261 words later, I have a semi-complete draft. I mean, it needs a ton of work, but I know the idea isn't going to get away from me while I'm at WFC. It's 6,758 words total as of now, and I still need to add two scenes (I know what they do, structurally, but not what happens in them) and fill in a few [transition]s, and also make the character and thematic arcs exist on the page rather than just in my head.

But still, all things considered, that's a pretty good day's work.

And the Scrivener experiment seems to be working out pretty well. With the exception of that one small heart attack.

Now Imma watch Castle. Because I earned it. So there.

Tomorrow will be a lotsa pre-WFC errands, and then I get on a big shiny plane on Thursday. See some of you there.
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