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i come apart babe, but that's okay.

Being a review of Criminal Minds 06x06, "Devil's Night," written by Randy Huggins*, directed by Charles Haid

Now with Halloween!Garcia

Oh, Detroit. Oh, "Trouble Man." You can't make that song evocative of evil: it already is. Sweet, sweet evil.
If they get the Jim Croce "Trouble Man" in later, bonus points.

Harsh on the security sign. Wow. And oh, fucking heartbreaking. I wonder if the KKK grafitti earlier is a hint or a misdirect?

Aww. Hotch and Jack for the awwww.
He doesn't love Spidey anymore. Poor Spidey.
I'd got for the black cat too.

Reid, that's pronounced "Sowen."
Wow, he's too nerdy even for Prentiss.
Best Morgan look evar. OMG, with the pen.
...okay, Reid's Halloween plans sound awesome. And Garcia is NO TRUE GEEK if she's not down with that.
Reid outrage, perfect.
Garcia in orange, even more perfect. "I wouldn't have to worry about losing my feminine curves if y'all paid more attention to all the trees we consume around here."
"Fire is simply his weapon."
Oh come on, nobody makes the Crow reference? I know they already did their Eric Draven tribute episode. But it's just lying there.
Okay, welding a cage? Very unsettling.

I do like the new credits.

Rossi is part of the team now: he picks on Reid while Reid exposits.
And Hotch is grim and determined.

Brief pause for IM conversation:
[22:34] matociquala: Ahahahahahaha
[22:34] matociquala: Amanda.
[22:34] matociquala: I was just bitching to myself that CM was doing a Halloween arson story in Detroit without one single Crow joke.
[22:34] matociquala: Guess who's cast as the COTW?
[22:35] stillsostrange: Hrm. They did Funboy already...
[22:35] matociquala: Ernie Hudson.
[22:35] stillsostrange: Swwweeeeeet
[22:35] matociquala: I love my fucking show.
[22:35] matociquala: They're even nerdier than I am
Also, holy shit, has he grown up with gravitas.

"I'd say don't profile me but you're in a room full of suspects, right."
"A city full."
I love that the CM guest stars watch cop shows on CBS. Or maybe their characters all read Rossi.

Reid's grimace at the strong stomach line is nice.

"It's an execution."
"It's a community group."
"That just added another thousand names to Garcia's list." Nice to know Morgan's on the same page I am....Although I'm betting the victims are all in the watch group.

Lt. Al loves his city.

"The first victim--"
"--often tells us the most."

Nice. This, the focus on the survivor--Toni Tyrell's wife--is what makes it My Show.
Oh, Prentiss. Oh show.
And Rossi has her back. Buit he's also watching the reaction.
Cognitive interview, drink.

"Maybe they represent something he lost." Hah! It is a Crow riff. Because some material is too rich to mine just once.

"Please leave Daddy." Oh graw. Okay, Mr. Huggins gets horror.

Garcia cracks the case!

Prentiss and Morgan and their armed ballet in hell is beautiful.

"And a cage."

Hurry up, Hotch.
This has me totally engaged with the drama of the people other than the team. There's a whole concrete story and world built here, and it's strong. The chase is on, and it's engaging.

"There isn't time." Go mom. Save a life tonight. And Lt. Al calls for backup like a smart EMS.

And Hotch, all over adrenaline. Of course he ran into a burning building, Morgan. I realize it's your job as Big Brother to question mom, but you were there for "Ashes & Dust" and "Mayhem." Of course he ran into a burning building. He has failure to expiate.

"It isn't Cayman I'm worried about."

"Don't you want to know his name?"

Oh, Jack.

"Let's go get some candy. My little g-man."


*IMDB tells me Mr. Huggins is from Detroit. I am not shocked.
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