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"Civilians and officers alike."

being a review of Criminal Minds 06x07, "Middle Man," written by Rick Dunkle, directed by Rob Spera

Creepy cornfield!

Aw, Reid. Think of how many books you could carry on that.

Hotch has an eye on the budget. And Garcia has kept her orange hair.
In another second, Reid is going to be spinning in that chair in a heartbeat.  He's holding down the fort for the Bad Shirt Brigade.
This briefing is reading a little stiff, though. I miss my JJ.

Ahh, CM. Where the disposable victims have agency and personality and smarts. I don't think this girl measures up to the victim in "Legacy," though.
That's not a very effective blindfold.

Jim Croce wrote a song about this sheriff. "A look in his eyes like if you looked deep enough you could see the back of his head."

Hotch, I love you. I love the fact that you didn't even need to raise your voice.

Awkward Reid is awkward, awesome Prentiss is awesome.

Morgan and Rossi crack the case.
Overacting serial killer is overacting.
Reid cracks the case. Ir's going around.

Heavy-handed exposition is heavy. This episode is just not gelling for me.

And yeah, I saw that coming.
Oops. This is why I won't take a job mowing highway medians.

Garcia cracks the case!
Derek Morgan is Sir Not Appearing In This Episode.
Is it always the asshole cops who are dirty? So predictable.
And don't try to get up in Hotch's face. He's not afraid of you.

"Enroute as we flirt."

Too much uninteresting UNSUBs, not enough team being awesome.
Emily saves the day, and of course it's Reid calling for the ambulance.
Dear Bad Cop, Mama Hotch is here to deliver your epiphany.

Hotch, your tight ship is run by example. And physics magic. That's not the same thing as bullying.

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