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traveling light is the only way to fly

Well, there. 2800 words on "Uniform" today. I should keep writing, but I am hungry and cranky and really would rather ignite the biosphere. God, I need some time off. You know, it seems like the homework never stops.

It's a good thing I'm superhuman.

I know, it's a good problem to have. But right now, I just really want an undisturbed week under a rock. With nothing that needs to be finished or else.

I'd eat a snack, but it's only an hour and a half to dinner, and blah blah blah. Maybe I will eat some carrots or a giant radish or something. (Seriously, you should see these radishes that came from the farm share. Apple-sized.)

Then it's off to Indian food and Jukido. A walk did not shake my grumpy: maybe getting tossed around the room will. Even though I really want to stay home and sulk copiously.

Tags: give us this day our daily grind

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