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"Robert? Whose toys are these?"

Being a review of Criminal Minds 06x09, "Into the Woods," written by Kimberly Ann Harrison, directed by Glenn Kershaw

Aww. Black bear. And we have a trademark CM fade on the skull. Appalacian Trail killer.

Aww, cute kids are cute, And doomed.

More proof that CM time is not like Earth time: that is not Pennsylvania in November. Possibly early September.  

...I'm sorry, distracted by the hotness of Hotch in jeans.

Rossi and Reid is a boring buddy flic. Give me Reid and Prentiss, please, or Rossi and Morgan.

Okay, Prentiss and Morgan is a good buddy flic too.

Hotch doesn't think you did it, dude. He's right there with you, man.

"How do I live with that?"

Gideon would have had an answer to that question.

Preferential offenders. Do we drink for that?

You know, Shemar sells that pained dialogue about hibernating really well.

The kids are really convincing kids.

Reid cracks the case!

And the kids are smart and have agency. Despite being locked up behind a warning sign.

"The question is, how long will he keep her alive?" Oh, Prentiss.

"Sir, I'm sorry." The thing is, he is sorry. He's Hotch.

"Discard all nonessentials."
"Like Anna."
"She's not his type,"
That's the real-life Cold Equations, right there. Except in this case, the narrative is cheating to keep her alive rather than cheating to kill her off.

Oh Robert. Oh, sweetie.

Bloodhounds. Such beautiful creatures.

Reid manages to comfort a bereaved father. There's a moment of character growth. And being Reid, he uses it to save the day.

"Next time he comes ot get me, run and don't stop."
Double-dog-dare her, Robert. It's the only way to be sure.

Go, Anna. Of course, Prentiss finds her.

"Do you know what direction you came from?" Ranger that is WHY YOU HAVE BLOODHOUNDS. (And that is not how bloodhounds act when they are on a scent)

I covet Prentiss' sweater.

Man, Reid is so glad he's not in that cave.

"I don't see this guy as a botanist."

Reid, homeopathy and herbalism are different.

Harrisburg. There's a song about Harrisburg. A curiously appropriate one. In which southern central PA is hell. Not metaphorically.

Shane! Come back, Shane! Um, sorry. It's a tic.

"For some people, that's as good as cash."
Oh dear. They are not pulling any punches this week.

"You tip him off. you're an accessory." Prentiss is loooove. Love. LURVE.

"Get on your knees," says Morgan. And yeah, that's perfect.

"He got away."

And Morgan gets to say to Rossi, "How often does that happen?"
Even though Shane gets away.

There's a great litany of character moments there at the end, but somehow this episode fails to come together for me. It's not a bad episode, mind you. But it's no "Riding the Lightning."

7 out of 10.
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