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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

If you have somehow missed it, the TOC for Lynne Thomas and Deborah Standish's latest feminist fannish collective has been announced. It's Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By The Women Who Love Them and it's

Introduction – Lynne M. Thomas and Deborah Stanish
The Girls Next Door: Learning to Live with the Living Dead and Never Even Break a Nail – Seanan McGuire
Ramping Up for a Decade with Joss Whedon – Nancy Holder
Outlaws & Desperadoes – Sharon Shinn
An Interview with Jane Espenson
My (Fantasy) Encounter with Joss Whedon (And What I’ve Learned from the Master) – Jeanne C. Stein.
The Ages of Dollhouse: Autobiography through Whedon – Sigrid Ellis
A Couch Potato's Guide to Demon Slaying: Turning Strangers into Family, Buffy-Style – Heather Shaw
Smart Is Sexy: An Appreciation of Firefly’s Kaylee – Laurel Brown
Teething Troubles and Growing Up – Caroline Symcox
Transgressing with Spike and Buffy – NancyKay Shapiro
Brand New Day: The Evolution of the Doctor Horrible Fandom – Priscilla Spenser
“We’re Here to Save You” – Elizabeth Bear
Imperfectly Perfect: Why I Really Love Buffy For Being a Pill Sometimes – Mariah Huehner
My European Vacation – Kelly Hale
Romancing the Vampire and Other Shiny Bits – Lyda Morehouse/Tate Hallaway
An Interview with Juliet Landau
I Am Joss Whedon’s Bitch – Maria Lima
Going Dark – Jackie Kessler
Joss Giveth – Jaala Robinson
The Kindness of Monsters – Sarah Monette
Shelve Under Television, Young Adult – Jody Wurl
The Browncoat Connection – Dae Low
Late to the Party: What Buffy Never Taught Me about Being a Girl – Racheline Maltese
How an Atheist and His Demons Created a Shepherd – Meredith McGrath
Older and Far Away – Jamie Craig
Why Joss Is More Important Than His ‘Verse – Teresa Jusino
Let’s Go to Work – Catherynne M. Valente
Something to Sing About – Jenn Reese
Malcolm Reynolds, the Myth of the West, and Me – Emma Bull


I really like the phrase "feminist fannish collective." I've been trying to think of a way to describe this book series. :-)

It was fun watching different friends getting excited because they're in the same anthology as their peeps.
I bet these folks didn't know that Joanna Russ is a HUGE Buffy fan, and would probably have loved to write an essay about it. Doesn't matter, though. I think I'll order a copy when it comes out and send it to her, because she'd really enjoy it.
Aw man. I wish I'd thought to suggest her.
Ooooh, *want!!*
Hm, I almost wish I had Jennifer Ouelette's address, so I could buy one and send to her (she has written, among other things, The Physics of the Buffyverse).