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As many of you have deduced by now, I'm teaching Clarion San Diego next summer, along with a wonderful group of other writers. Well, applications are open now, for those of you considering it.

And remember, you can't win if you don't play--and the odds are a lot better than the lottery.

(Here's their blurb)

Clarion is widely recognized as a premier training ground for aspiring writers of fantasy and science fiction short stories. The 2011 writers in residence are Nina Kiriki Hoffman, John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, David Anthony Durham, John Kessel and Kij Johnson. Each year 18 students, ranging in age from late teens to those in mid-career, are selected from applicants who have the potential for highly successful writing careers. Students are expected to write several new short stories during the six-week workshop, and to give and receive constructive criticism. Instructors and students reside together in UCSD campus apartments throughout the intensive six-week program.

Application period: December 1 - March 1. Applicants must submit two short stories with their application.
Workshop: June 26 - August 6, 2011.
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