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Not that Cory Doctorow really needs my signal boost, but here it is anyway:

Cory's doing a cool thing, an experiment in self-publishing called With a Little Help. It's a short story collection, and the limited edition hardcover includes bound-in paper ephemera from, well, Cory's friends. Including people like klages, China Mieville, and me. (I contributed a couple of cover letters, and a copy of the map of Eiledon that I used to keep the places straight for All the Windwracked Stars and The Sea Thy Mistress.) You can see all the cool stuff here, in a flickr set.

All versions are here, including the free e-edition that Cory usually offers.

Cory's also making free copies available to schools and libraries.

My goal for today is two book reviews. And a lot of thinking about "The Deep of the Sky" and "Ligature."
Tags: experiments in publishing, the deeps of the sky

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