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bear by san

March 2017



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true blood tara dumb

i'm gonna kick tomorrow

I really need to make myself a livejournal icon that says, "My only 'ship is the Enterprise.*"

*Moya is a person.


*Moya is a person.

~g~ Very much so.
And then there's the issue of it being impossible to 'ship Farscape, as it 'ships itself.
In every possible combination...
most definitely.


I need to revisit Farscape...
Farscape is always the right answer.
It really is.
Ain't it the truth!

I need to rewatch, speaking of things.

I <3 Moya.
*Moya is a person.

*Moya is a person.

She certainly is, and so is Serenity.
What brings this on?

(I suspect someone of being CM 'shippy, but why guess when I can ask.)
Shipping in general. It bores me.
It's... sort of an obstruction to most of my enjoyment of fandom, actually. In that, while I don't mind stories that involve relationship (far from it), having it be the /sole focus/ of interest makes me tired.
Yes. I'd like to be able to get through a conversation about a show without it being necessary for everybody to introduce/defend their 'ship.

I am really fortunate that generally, people don't bring those here. But every time I stray outside the bounds of my own livejournal...
There are many reasons why most of the communities on LJ that I am a member of are concerned with cute pictures of baby animals or cats. Not wanting to deal with other people's crazy (and appallingly bad grammar/spelling/writing abilities) is most of them. ;-)
Oh, goodness, yes. "Doctor Who" fandom's shippiness bores and scares me. I just want good characters; they don't have to be OTP or OTThree into the bargain.

Yes, Moya's a person. So, in her own way, is the TARDIS. But then, I tend to think of ships as characters in their own right -- Enterprise, Galactica, Millennium Falcon
Would that be Enterprise A, B, C, D, or E?
I prefer my Enterprise without a bloody A,B,C,or D. But E is pretty nice, too.
And Moya is a Mommy. Definitely not your ordinary star ship. ;) Virginia Hey says that very quickly Pilot, Rigel and Moya did indeed feel alive to the actors who worked with them. Even though the first two were muppets and the last was just a series of sets. Good Actors have amazing minds.
Apropos of nothing-- a sixth grader I tutor just got done writing a story about bravery. The major plot was Shakespeare appearing, complete with magical powers, to enable the main character to stop all wars. I kept wondering when Marlowe was going to show up.
He had a date in Hell...
I'm more of a Defiant fan myself.
The original Enterprise was a person, or at least a character*. The A and following are just ships. I'd say my ship was the Millennium Falcon, but she's a person too.

*I remember with startling clarity that moment in the theater watching the dying Enterprise streak across the sky as I sat there in utter shock. I am told my eyes were very big.
And my favorite character on the show. Not to mention, oddly, one of two cases I can think of where a TV show got pregnancy right.
And my vocabulary expands again.

Not quite certain how I'd managed to miss it, but 'shipping is a new one on me.