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i used to be so rock and roll. it's a question of confidence maybe.

Criminal Minds metanarrative thunk...

...oh, huh. If this season's thematic arc is supposed to be about secrets,. and Seaver's big trauma is all up in lights... then what does that imply about (a) the secrets people (her father, the FBI) are keeping from her... and (b) what other secrets she might have?

And if "Corazon" is some resolution or development of the Reid Hallucinations plotline we've been getting hints of since "Derailed" (six seasons ago, people.), is it time to place your bets?

I'm kind of hoping for seizure disorder, myself, simply because it would totally validate my fanwank explaining how the C.P.R. in "Revelations" actually saved him (it wasn't a heart attack: it was a major tonic/clonic event brought on by dehydration, cranial trauma, and drugs, and Tobias's halfassed attempts to resuscitate knocked his tongue out of his airway before he could finish suffocating on that and his own vomit). And you know, seizure disorder is better than schizophrenia for long term series regular continuation...

Of course, it's not as if Bernero has never sent a central character completely off the rails before. Right, Doc?

I see some support for a drug relapse theory, in that episode 13 is supposed to be entitled "The 13th Step." But I also know how oft our chain is yanked... and I suspect the chances of Reid hooking up with Michael Ironside are... slim.

Although that would be a hell of a "secret."

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