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the silent stars go by

[22:24] matociquala: I should probably give up on this idea of Steampunk Domed New York as needlessly baroque.
[22:24] kafkonia: I like it.
[22:25] matociquala: I do too.
[22:25] matociquala: But it begs the question of why.
[22:25] matociquala: Or am I thinking like a science fiction writer again?
[22:25] kafkonia: Steampunk nuclear war?
[22:25] matociquala: I was thinking environmental toxicity
[22:25] kafkonia: Well, wait a second.
[22:25] kafkonia: The steam is being powered by coal, no?
[22:25] matociquala: Some of it. This is more jazz age
[22:26] matociquala: A way to keep the smog down!
[22:26] kafkonia: Oh. Because excessive coal burning could be cause for a dome.
[22:26] matociquala: Sure
[22:26] matociquala: And I just like typing "masonry sky."
[22:26] katallen: jacking up the utilities bills
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