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Two Hours in the Life:

10:30 AM:
I really will eat very weird things, and very weird combinations of things. Like tomato soup rewarmed with some leftover chicken in it, accompanied by a smorgasbord of sliced beets, olives, cheese and a slice of rye bread. Hey, it's all the food groups. What do you want?

11:49 AM:
I want my mail, dammit. There are supposed to be good things in my mail today. Like a book and a videotape and an F&SF rejection and the new LOCUS, if I'm lucky, and possibly some cds from a friend.

12:12 PM:
Words since last update: 549
Reason for stopping: sooooooooooooooo tired. Also, cat yelling for mysterious reasons.
Pages: 1131

12:21 PM:
Oh, Behave!

Heh. I never liked those guys.

12:24 PM:
Mail came. No book or cds or LOCUS or rejections, but the videotape is here. One out of five ain't bad.

12:30 PM:
Time for another pot of tea. Russian Caravan, anyone?

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