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when i am queen of the universe we won't have to put up with this shit

So I'm listening to a thing on depression on the radio, and the one guy is like, "Depression is a serious illness. Nobody would dream of turning to somebody who had just recieved a cancer diagnosis and saying, 'Just snap out of it.'"

And I realized, wow, you have not met the Internet.

Brain cancer is caused by negative mental energy, didn't you know? Whatever is wrong with you, it's all your own fault. And because it is all your fault, it cannot possibly happen to me.

I mean, other than that, he seems really sensible, and is talking about some of the lifestyle factors that can affect depression (diet, exercise, lack of natural light, etc.) in addition to being pretty reasonable about medication (i.e., not Tom Cruise Crazy). But man. No. People will tell you to just snap out of cancer.

And then they'll tell you how to raise your kids.

Because we are judgy, judgy monkeys. And we're terrified it will happen to us. So we try to control it.

Magical thinking is a poison, man.
Tags: have you met my species?

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