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bear by san

March 2017



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wire in the blood, writing shadow unit todd remorseful

i just want to be alone today

I spent a lot of time in the car today, and spent a lot of that time vidding a TV show that doesn't exist in my head.

That's right. It's time again for vidding Shadow Unit.

Specifically, this song for a Reyes vid:

and this one for a Hafidha-centric vid,

with bonus footage of all those shots of various people grabbing their phones in various situations--Lau pulling the battery in The Unicorn Evils, Chaz's phone coming up no service in Refining Fire, Chaz throwing Reyes the disposable in The Unicorn Evils, all the phones ringing at once in "Not Alone," Chaz calling the Baltimore PD from the parking garage...


It's the bits of Hafidha standing in her cage with her hands at her side, turning slowly...

Oh, hey, Brady vaulting out of bed with his piece du jour in "Handful of Dust." Marisol and Chaz finding the phone in "Uniform."

We got some phone.
It's probably too on-the-nose to do the "I ain't got the legs to run this race" line to Hakes taking Reyes down. But maybe Mitchell throwing him down the stairs?
Yeah, that was not a fall anybody'd want to take. Really.
The opening sequence has to be him waking up in Mitchell's captivity--and there has to be a scene in there somewhere that's Reyes walking away from the house in Texas after going through the scene, something we can't see stuffed inside his jacket, and the flames of the forest fire climbing the night behind...
the "I ain't got the legs to run this race" line

How about when Hector Person takes Reyes down at the end of "Uniform"? (Or better still, when Person takes out Jimmy Kandinski?)
Latter doesn't work for a Reyes vid, though--Reyes doesn't get involved in foot chases too much, you notice?

Blasted knee.
I vid things that don't exist all the time, in my head. Dammit. Like, I have some GREAT Vorkosigan vids in my head. Or vids for the, ah, the Expendables-verse? The James Allen Gardner series? I want me a Festina Ramos vid like you wouldn't believe.
Vorkosigan would go good.
That Alabama3 song is kinda incredible.
Lau likes them. And keeps sending me tracks. *g*
That sounds like a useful thing for her to do. :P

(It's very Reyes, that song.)
Yeah, it really is.
You should know that I've been listening to it on youtube since yesterday.

You are like the virus that spreads music. You and Chaz. :)
That one was Nikki's fault. She's the A3 fan.
I'll happily blame Wonder Woman this time. You and himself are responsible for quite enough of the music I listen to these days. :P
Yeah. We'll have to work that into a future episode so we can steal it.... her signing to Daphs?
Everything is both.
And at least one sequence of Daphs, Hafs and Chaz on their AOPs commenting on each other's LiveJournals.

(Goddammit. Hafidha, get better soon. Please?)
Well, Chaz is the only one with an actual AOP.... but yes.