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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

kept his gun in quiet seclusion, such a humble man

The snow is drifting a lot, but the deep part of the yard is about 2/3 of a dog deep:

December 2010 016


panic in detroit, asked for his autograph, wanted to stay home, wished someone would phone

The snow doesn't seem especially deep by us, but we're waiting for the predicted end of accumulation to start shoveling out. Mostly because we don't want to have to do it twice.

Ace does not seem to disapprove of snowpocalypse nearly so much this morning.

Re: panic in detroit, asked for his autograph, wanted to stay home, wished someone would phone

He disapproves quite deeply.
I love this standard of measurement.


the GRD plays basketball too!
zombie soccer ball. Very beloved.
Man, o man, that is one happy looking dog! Still waiting in SWNY for snowpocylapse to hit ...I'd love to beable to snowshoe this week.

aw, dogge.

Galumph, galumph.
There should totally be a "sheep dog" measurement system. You could be a sheep dog and a half tall and you could say stuff like "walk five sheep-dog and make a right" when giving directions.
It's up to my thighs over here. How many dogs tall would you say I was?

You guys got more than we did, somehow.
The drifting is what really sucks. You dig out and it just blows back in.
Yup, there's a GRD in there somewhere. At least GRD shows up in snow.
I love the way Neil Gaiman's dogs almost disappear in the snow, because they are white, the snow is white.
Then I also have a friend in Boston who has a tiny white dog. They took a lost in snowdrift picture. :D
OK, Who asked for a White Christmas? You happy now?
I love the measurement of snow. (and in the past three weeks, we have had that much rain. Translate that to snow, it would be about 5 dogs deep...)
For certain values of dog [g].