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and a... tricep.

Geraldine Hoff Doyle, known to the world as Rosie the Riveter*, died this week at age 86.

"In addition to her daughter Stephanie, Doyle is survived by her other daughters, Jacqueline Drewes, Deidre Doyle and Lauretta Doyle; her son, Brian Doyle; her sister, Virginia Watson; her brother, Clifford Hoff; 18 grandchildren; and 25 great-grandchildren."

Not too shabby. I think, in her honor, I'm going to make something today.

December 2010 027

Show me your guns, Internauts!

(Interestingly, the famous poster did not become identified with Rosie the Riveter until the 1960s. Here's Norman Rockwell's 1943 illustration of the famous brawny American. Somebody get that girl some steel-toed boots.) 
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