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everybody got their black and decker. blood and fettucini everywhere.

The year in review:

January: Ooops.  Well, I didn't just set the kitchen on fire, just my heating pad neck thing in the microwave.

February: February dawned cold and clear
[info]jmeadows took a pretty photo of sunrise this morning, but she went out on her porch to do it.

March: Holi (festival of colors) celebrated in London, too.

April: ...Man, I had forgotten how much Phoebe Snow rocks. Thank you, Radio Paradise.

May: io9 is hosting a class discussion about my story "Tideline," and I only have two more scenes to write on "Dolly."

June: I appear to have sold a couple of short stories!

July: Readercon Schedule:

August: Symptoms may include muscle fatigue, pain, tiredness, weakness--

September: Whew. A thousand words on Range of Ghosts today, and I am calling it at that rather than pushing on to a second thousand, because I can imagine few things I care less to do than write right now.

October: So today, I have to get on a ferry for a 45-minute ride to Martha's Vineyard.

November: There's new Shadow Unit content here, and has been since Saturday, but I was busy.  

December: I realize I've been largely absent from the internets lately.

...Yeah, not the greatest list ever. Sorry about that.
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