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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds bad shirt brigade

A brief note from the road:

Publishers Weekly loves me:


Elizabeth Bear, Spectra, $7.99 mass market (352p) ISBN 978-0-553-59109-5
This deftly told story completes the Jacob's Ladder trilogy begun in Dust and Chill. The Conns and the other inhabitants of an ancient wandering spaceship face their last and greatest challenge. They've finally found a habitable planet, but others beat them to it: "right-minded" humans, surgically altered to achieve emotional balance, and more alien to the Jacobites than extraterrestrials would be. Leaders on both ship and planet are willing to fight and kill to keep the two cultures from interacting, while old enemies aboard the Jacob's Ladder re-emerge to wreak destruction. The story is poised on a knife's edge, with the Jacobites facing both possible annihilation and inner demons just as they're closing in on their goal. Bear's talent for portraying cultural divergence and conflict is especially apparent in this intense wrapup. (Mar.)

Also, view from C concourse of McCarran still gorgeous at sunset. (Sorry, Vegas Peeps, only here long enough to have my plane delayed.)

Also, man that's a long flight. I don't miss it.


Congrats. Nice review. However, I have to clarify something. Dust and Chill are two different books right?

We don't seem to have a purchase order for it yet, I'll put in a request for you, but with the budget cuts we are buying very little new stuff.
Yes. Dust, chill, and Grail. Three to a series.
I checked today - looks like we will be buying it. We own 15 copies of Chill. I didn't bother looking at Dust

I was just pointing these out to a friend ("well, I'm not sure they're quite queer escapist fantasy, but they're really really good! you should read them, I think you'll like them"), and I was thrilled to realize that GRAIL is out in a month. :-)
Grins - really a very happy smile for you. Congratulations!!
That's a wonderful -- and richly deserved -- review. Yay.
I'm stubborn about finishing what I start. And thank you!
Congratulations! :-) And that is a lovely sunset view. Safe travelling. *hugs*
Congratulations on that review! Time to drop by an online bookstore methinks.

YAY! boo.

Since I got a Kindle, I've finally been devouring your back catalogue, and have re-purchased those books I used to own in tree form. Can't WAIT to finish up this series.
I'm really looking forward to Grail.
Hmm, glamorous sekrit consultant gig at an undisclosed location and a change of flight at McCarran -- say hi to the folks at Area 51 for us ;)

And that's the kind of review that has me wondering how come I've missed the rest of the series (and how soon I can fix it).
Great review. Means it's time to-preorder. Yippee.