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bear by san

March 2017



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new england bare trees winter manchester

tomorrow morning you'll wake up with the white noise

I am home to the snowpocalypse. Real snow, for a change.

Ace says we will not be going for a walk today.

Snowpocalypse January 2011 016

The tiny birds like engine warmth:

Snowpocalypse January 2011 012

And we got a very nice look at NYC on the way in.

Snowpocalypse January 2011 001

As a last thought, here's a snow plow pile. That is not an artifact of perspective.

Snowpocalypse January 2011 010

And now I'm going to get some sleep. Every time I fly U.S. Airways, I remember why I usually stick to Southwestern. Although I should not bitch too much. They got me home.


I dislike US Airways too. Sadly, I have to fly them at least once a year.
I want your snow.
Rest well.
People would think the snow plow pile was an artifact of perspective? Really? Huh.
I think that's a nod toward her Giant Dog with Christmas Tree shot.
I'm glad you got home okay, and hope it wasn't too horrible an experience flying.

(Unlike what a friend of mine experienced, being assaulted by a gate agent (!!!): http://ursamajor.dreamwidth.org/737952.html )
Poor Ace. If his coat is long, he has to be brushed. If his coat is short, he's chilly.

It's a dog's life, it is.
It's not a contest. Welcome home. 4 hours after starting, I got the farm spots cleared from the 17 inches we receive.
Eeee! Cute birdies!

(Yeah, I'ma dork, I know.) *dances anyway*
Hee! Somebody beat me to the birdies comment. Great photos. Glad that the traveling went well (having just [finally] managed to get back home myself, I am not awake enough to say anything intelligent....)