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bear by san

March 2017



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literature sally and encyclopedia

i can see through your lies cause you've got moped eyes

White City January 2011 018

So I suspect other people's copies will be along in the next few weeks.

Also: Dog has had enough snowpocalypse:

Snowpocalypse January 2011 017

Now I have to read a bunch of Danny Dunn books. What? It's work.

The state of the honeydew, while I'm here:

The book proposal currently known as May Mazer and the Hollow World
The book proposal currently known as Gotham Jazz.
Modern Fae story: ("Patience & Fortitude" (or possibly otherwise The Mighty Drag Werewolf story)) March 1, 2011
Realms of Fantasy column: March 1, 2011
ad eternum  and "Underground" (New Amsterdam IV & chapbook): March 30, 2011
The Shaded King (Bone and Jewel Creatures II): April 30, 2011
Shattered Pillars: November 2, 2011
An Apprentice to Elves: December 1, 2011 (with [info]truepenny)
SF Horror story ("Form & Void"): December 25, 2011

Secrit Projekt: January 11-12 2011
World Horror Convention (barcon only): April 28-May 1 2011
Leprecon 37: May 6-8 2011
KGB reading: May 18 2011
Eurocon: June 17-19 2011 (barring volcanoes)
Fourth Street Fantasy Conversation: June 23-26 2011
Odyssey: July 1, 2011
Clarion: July 10-16, 2011
Viable Paradise: October 7-16, 2011

Okay, that's a little steep.

and 2012:
Steles of the Sky : November 2012

No fixed deadline:

"The Deeps of the Sky"
Karen Memory
(unless its name is actually Salt Water)
Unsuitable Metal
"Untitled Space Opera Thingy"
"Steel Monkey"
"Posthumous Jonson"
"The Slaughtered Lamb"
"The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"


Squeee, book!

That looks beautiful.
I love Danny Dunn! And I was starting to think I somehow had gotten the only copy in the entire universe, because nobody else I knew had ever heard of him.

And I don't blame Dog one bit-- but then that's why I live in NC and not the blizzard-prone northeast.
which Danny Dunn's? I still have From Space,
The Homework Machine, and The Anti Gravity Paint.
Book! Squee! :-)
Poor GRD! The snow is as high as he is!
Excitement! (SubPress sent me the shipping confirmation yesterday)

Also - the snow seems to be piled as high as the GRD!
I saw a book called The Story of Danny Dunn the other day. Unfortunately, it was this: http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9780670073344/story-danny-dunn

I don't think I ever read a Jay Williams book I didn't like.


Well, there's no such thing as a lazy day in your life I suppose..

Steles of the Sky; Is that the start of an epic fantasy series?
The end of one.


The End? Oh..what's the start then??
"Range of Ghosts," out in 2012.

Would you mind signing anonymous posts, please?
I just did and thank you for answering! Just discovered your work( Dust and Chill) and I loved it very much. So you have a new fan, a guy from the Netherlands. Ever been there??
I have not! I've only ever been to England and Scotland. (Working class girls don't get to travel abroad much.)

I'm going to be in Sweden for Eurocon, though, if you make it up to the north country.
Yes, I've noticed. Very interesting but Sweden is a long way from(my) home..
From what I heard,It must be a beautiful, very liberal and social country. But if you want to relax with a drink(alcoholic..)then be prepared for the bill! Not exactly working class girls prices I'm afraid..