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something's got to give

[22:18] kafkonia: Research for May Maisy?
[22:18] matociquala: yes
[22:18] matociquala: Mazer. *g*
[22:18] kafkonia: I was about to call her Misty May.
[22:18] kafkonia: But I think that's a softcore porn actress.
[22:19] matociquala: Apparently she's a professional volleyball player
[22:19] matociquala:
[22:19] kafkonia: Oh, no, that's Misty Mundae I was thinking of.
[22:20] kafkonia: Of Lord of the G-Strings, and Play-Mate of the Apes.
[22:20] kafkonia: And two episodes of CSI.
[22:21] kafkonia:
[22:21] kafkonia: As well as the doubtlessly tasteful "Duck! The Carbine High Massacre".
Tags: chatroom transcripts, the writer at work
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