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bear by san

March 2017



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i feel a little unsteady

icepocalypse January 2011 010

This is not a still from the Rotoscoped Lord of the Rings. It is an unretouched photo of the magnolia in my yard.

That thing that looks like fancy photoshopping is the layer of ice all over it.

If we get any sun tomorrow, it will be very pretty here.

The GRD would like to announce that he is packing his bags for Florida as we speak.


Tell him he'll be sick of Florida by June 30th if we have another active season. He's better off laying next to the heating vents for a few more months.
We are gonna have /so many/ trees down off've this. But man, it is gorgeous as all get out. (When I'm not tromping through puddles.)
Yeah, if this keeps up we are gonna lose a few too.
Tell the GRD that he might like Nevada or Arizona better, they have fewer hurricanes.
He grew up in Florida.
Fair 'nuff.
Sorry GFD the wings are iced up at Bradley.
They are predicting more snow for us on Friday.

I'd like to pack, too.
do you think the tree will survive it? (I've lost several big shrubs in the last two hard winters.)
This is insignificant ice for this part of the world. Sometimes trees will explode, or--less dramatically--strip a limb or three, but it takes more than this, usually.
Iced tree limbs are dramatically beautiful. Until they nearly hit you on the head.
Ahh, ever the pragmatist.
So, your Magnolia supports Sauron? :)