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"well, this is not good."

Being a review of Criminal Minds 06x12, "Corazon," written by Katarina Wittich, directed by John E. Gallagher

Nice episode. This is one of my favorites so far this season.

"Not long. Two days." Aww, poor baby. At least it's not a toilet-hugger.
Hello, Garcia's cleavage.
That's the second third time Reid's been late, technically speaking, and it was a plot point then, too. (Hung over or jonesing, and then NA)
The finger thing? Was gratuitous.
Spencercam. Drink.
Hey, Reid managed not to have a flashback over the skinned animal. I guess the PTSD is under control. Or the headache is so bad he doesn't care.
Poor kitty.
Reid's hypochondria is kicking in at all this talk of doctors.
Garcia, are you smudging your servers? I love you. And show, I love you.
Nice job establishing rapport with the expert witness, Reid. And the show is actually doing a very nice job, based on my (limited) understanding, with syncretic religions.

Wow, this is almost first-season in the formatting of the profile. Interesting to see how formal that looks, now. Everybody standing in a line like they're giving a recital. Ashley seems to be fitting in fast and seamlessly, which bugs me a bit.

"What's not to love?"

"This is a house of god."
Nice interleaving of clues with regard to Reid's symptoms. You have the deja-vu thing going on, with him seeming to recognize the church and the church gate (given some of the ways schizophrenia works, this is a really savvy touch) and you have the seeming to react to flashing lights. Which makes me think there's a psychosomatic cause--

Also, Reid gets to decide when he goes in to do an interview now. He is all grown up. And Hotch and Morgan trust his judgment.

NICE misdirect, show. Reid fascinated/on full record  and Reid hypnotized wouldn't look all look all that different. And I love that he's not unsettled at all, but both he and Morgan are in full-on scientist mode.

Mom has to check in, but he trusts his kids. Morgan backs up Reid. And I'm kind of in love with the priest. He's very priestly and sensible.

The cultural appropriation killer. That's kind of awesome.

New girl knows from crappy fathers.

"Well, that's not good." David Rossi, ladies and gentlemen. Let him understate for you.

Reid apparently has not actually learned not to go haring off on his own. Although he's got an excuse this time.
And Reid self-rescues again. Nice swing. Drink. Oh hell, just finish the bottle.

Yeah, Reid really believes it.

"I pretended to have a headache in order to distract them." See above, "Derailed." Scene echo, drink.

Hah! Oh, Reid, honey. We need to work on your denial. It's desperately transparent. Nice.

Hey, everybody is in character this episode. Whew. That's been a bit spotty this season, and it's nice to have My Show back. I was kind of dreading the Santeria episode, but--at least for me--they managed to do a good job not fucking it up.

Better than I've ever seen on television, anyway.

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