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the essence of math is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple.

I planned to spend last night working on my EC review for the OWW and doing some invoicing, but wound up suffering an unexpected setback when *Daphne's video cable sort-of-expectedly died a thousand flaming deaths. Fortunately, this is why I never throw anything out, and Ethel was witting in her laptop case under the computer desk, ready and willing to cover for Daphne while Daphne flies home to Dell for Emergency Surgery.

Well, sort of willing and able. She's old and kind of slow for giant modern programs, which is why I bought a new computer two and a half years ago. But she works, and after most of the night spent updating her (as she had been sitting in that laptop case mostly untouched since 2008) I now have a functional computer.

This is good, because Phred is exhibiting a kind of grinding slowness that tells me it's time to scrub his little brain and reinstall.

For once, a computer failed to shit the bed when I was on insane crushing deadline. Of course, the insane crushing deadlines may have been a contributing factor, but-- well, I'm pretty sure there's an OK GO lyric that would fit in nicely here.

As part of my commitment to continued Discipline, I've determined that now would be a really good time to pickup the rest of the projects that were entirely disregarded for mot of last year, in the incredible welter of unrelenting deadlines. Which is to say, back to actually teaching myself high school math so it sticks this time, and also back to my poor neglected guitar.

Which means, yes, you will hopefully be seeing more of Dr. Reid and Mr. Ochs around these parts.

It also means less bloody time faffing about on the Internets, which is what I have been doing while waiting for the post-novel ennui to pass.

And it is passing. I can feel the itchiness and restlessness kicking in, but since there are no stories in my head yet, I have to do other things too. I'm giving myself until the end of the month, though, and then it's four hours a day, by hook or by crook.

Right now, I'm off to do some yoga. And walk the dog. And with any luck, see The Green Hornet later on today.

*Daphne is the name of my primary computer. The desktop/server/onsite backup machine is named Phred. There is currently no Wilma, and no Ginger, but I'm sure I will but another mp3 player one of these days.
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