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the wind rushed silent through the grain. it was just as they had told him.

The dog and I are both going a bit stir-crazy, as it is too cold to walk him safely without boots, which I do not have for him (I do have them for me). So we're limiting ourselves to brief trips out into the arctic wasteland of the back yard, where the snow is deep enough that he's stuck on the shoveled path. Poor dog. And no chance of a break before Thursday, and probably not even then.

Welcome to the deep freeze.

I'm rapidly reacquainting myself with the basics of algebra (did you know that was an Arabic word?) preparatory to moving on to geometry and trig. Amazing how much better I am at mathematics when it's not all about memorization and passing tests.

Word problems are easier at 39 than 19. I wonder, if I'd gotten my dyscalculia diagnosed at age 12 instead of age 21, if I would have ended up an astrophysicist after all.

If I were virtuous, I'd play a little guitar today, as well. I really need to scrape out some time in my week for actual lessons.... because a little progress would be nice.
Tags: bearmalion, guitar god in training, math is for girls, three chords and grimace musically

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