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bear by san

March 2017



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one trick is all that pony knows

Arguable the greatest racing Standardbred of all time, 2-time harness racing Horse of the Year Moni Maker, who pretty much clothed herself in glory during her racing career (67 wins, richest standardbred ever, richest female racehorse of any breed until (I think) Zenyatta, holder of the world speed record for trotting under saddle), is among the survivors of a barn collapse due to snow in Somers, CT.

Fifteen horses were inside when the roof gave way; two mares had to be euthanized, but the other 13 were saved.

The bit that gets me is at the end, when they're pulling off her shoes.


I've always been not keen on the use of the crop - but despite that personal issue of my own, it was an amazing video. I think the part that really gets me is watching the other horses around her cantering/galloping, and there she is, trotting away.
Yeah. There she is, cruising along, blowing away Greyhound's record, and her competition is running to keep up.

A great mare. I'm sad about the others, but glad she's okay.
Why did they remove her horseshoes (besides the obvious reason of easing the weight from her legs after what was an amazing race even to my completely ignorant eyes)?
It was her last race. They pulled her shoes because she went out to pasture after that, and she didn't need them anymore.
Oh my. One of the most powerful aspects of tradition is how poignant a simple act can be.

Thank you for the explanation.
Bare feet might be better than a gold watch. *g*
I've never really followed harness racing, so I don't know trotting horses very well. That was an AMAZING performance! She looked so effortless, and her track companions just broke gait and still couldn't keep up!?! Wow.

I'm really glad to hear that she's okay.
The horses she was running against there were actually thoroughbreds, not trotters--they were chosen to push her, more or less, and intentionally kept behind. But yeah, it looks impressive as hell!

I'm glad she's okay too. And sorry for her stablemates who didn't make it.