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i'll take shelter in your rafters.

I'm trying to decide what kind of bread to make today. I'm thinking whole-wheat sourdough, somehow. Possibly because I am low on bread flour. And my shoggoth can use the exercise. But first, tea and breakfast.

Climbing yesterday; climbing today. I nailed a slopy 5.8+ that has been giving me trouble and I need to go back and do it again. I've been climbing a few grades down from where I was this time last year, because I hurt my rotator cuff and a pulley tendon, so I was rehabbing. And now I have to re-learn everything about balance and grip I've forgotten in the last six months. The good news is, I'm really strong from all the jug-hauling I've been doing (and the yoga, of course). The bad news is, I gained some weight during last year's deadline madness, and I will not be climbing 5.10 or even the hard 5.9s until it comes off again. And it's proving remarkably stubborn. Alas, Discipline. Again.

Got derailed from my planned evening of TV watching by friends, so I mean to make it up today. And alas, the end of my recovery month is looming.

Tuesday, I need to start a regular work schedule again. Which means a lot less internet, if I mean to keep up with life. I'm thinking my schedule is going to look like, up at 7, dog out, yoga, food, morning internets, at work by 9 am. If I can get in 2,000 words by 1, then dog walking, internets, food, guitar, math, and then whatever the evening holds. Research. Television. Climbing. More food. Reading for pleasure. Archery. Nonfiction writing obligations.

The dog walking is currently on hold until there are sidewalks again, by the way. There's hardcore and then there's FN.

This seems feasible to me, and if I am not around online as much that's okay, really. Too much internet is bad for my serenity. And productivity. ;-)

The morning's Weekend Edition, by the way, had a gorgeous profile of Ernest Borgnine, for whom I have had a creeping fondness ever since my adolescent crush on the helicopter in Airwolf. (Once upon a time, I scribbled Airwolf fanfic in my school notebooks. Now I have no secrets from you. Thank God I ritually threw all those out at the end of the year.)

And now, off the internets, and into the bread-making mines.

Ooo, and maybe I will make ginger beer. Because yum.
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