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December 2021



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our compassion for others is incomplete if it does not include compassion for ourselves

So I was reminded of Buddhist practice (I almost wrote Buddhist Best Practice, but only I would have been amused by the irony, and I'm sure somebody would have had to tell me I was wrong on the internet) this morning by, of all things, National Public Radio. It was a good time for the reminder.

I am not sure I actually claim to be a Buddhist, but you know, that guy, he had some good ideas. (Like most of these other guys.)

As I'm poking myself back into motion and Discipline after a couple of weeks of aimless fumbling, that is a good thing to remember. I miss walking, but it's just not happening for the foreseeable future.

I'm reading Nnedi Okorafor's Akata Witch, by the way, which is a treat. I won't say more about it because I'll be reviewing it.

Snowpocalypse is about to become snowmageddon here, with a two-day blizzard coming our way from the plains. It includes, my hand to God, tornado watches. That's right. Snow tornado.

Ahh, global climate change. More energy in = more energy out, I understand that. But snow tornado? That's just... injury to insult.

Now, because the Discipline waits for no internets, it's off to yoga and then various tasks (including giving blood) before climbing. I've determined that tomorrow's Work is going to be one of the book proposals. So at least I have that lined up.

Please come home soon, non-ancient laptop?


snow tornado

*waffles between awed and terrified*
I like thunder snow, but snownado is too much even for me.
My great plains-raised weather geek is grinning with glee.

And making a note to bring the laptop home today, so I can be a grad student doing science from her comfy basement apartment, rather than trekking out in the snowmageddon.
Just exactly what I was going to say. But then, I'm a little hypoglycemic and not remarkably athletic. Perhaps you can cope. But think about it, OK?

I'm pretty sure that it would be on the list of not advised activities. 12 hours before strenuous exercise... and they prefer 24.

Not that I haven't done similar things.

(I'm suspecting why running when I was a little dehydrated Saturday morning hit me so hard - down a pint of blood, plus my blood pressure is apparently running around 95/65, which means I'm stupidly sensitive to hydration. Phoo!)
Snow TORNADO? Oh, for Pete's sake, this is getting ridiculous.
The GM has been rolling on the Wandering Weather Table again.
Dear GM, if that die rolls so many natural 20s, Imma borrow it next time we're fighting a dragon.
I dunno...a snow tornado sounds like more than a natural 20 to me...sounds like the DM rolled the extra 6 after a player rolled 66 on the percentiles.
Someone rolled an E Critical on the Weather Attack table?
Snow Tornado impales character through both ears. Hearing slightly impaired. Dies Instantly. Awesome shot, Thor!
All combatants pause one round to watch the show!
Yikes, snow tornadoes.

Also, is it a good idea to give blood before going climbing?

on snow tornadoes

I think back in your Vegas days, we had a weather forecast here in Michigan that someone in my office reported as "Light tornadoes, chance of snow."

(I'm pretty sure they misread it.)

I really thought that would be a great title for something, but I just don't have that story in me, I don't think.
Snow tornado.

Last weekend I almost watched a One Star Netflix movie involving snow tornados. (And some high-performance aircraft with a Magic Doohicky that cast Dispel Snow Tornado or something. No, it didn't make sense... I suspect there's a reason it was rated One Star.)

-- Steve instead made the mistake of watching a documentary on Fred Phelps' family. *shudder* And then a TV science show on how the solar system would end, which after the Phelps thing felt like a bunny/unicorn chaser.
Same blizzard. LE SIGH.
Buddhist Best Practices sounds like someone is categorizing skillful means.
Snow tornados? I've seen much strangeness during blizzards when we lived in the great frozen north...but never a snow tornado.

I need to go check the forecasts - we have a pool started on where the Weather Channel will be doing their live broadcasts from tomorrow...
Blizzard watch here in Illinois too. And, having been raised on Laura Ingalls Wilder, I'm actually kind of curious to see what a real blizzard looks like.

Also, a little entertained to have discovered this weather forecast two hours after beginning to re-read The Long Winter.
Is that the one where the girls carry the whole woodpile inside?
That scene was in...Little House on the Prairie I think. Either that or On the Banks of Plum Creek. I should know this, as I just read both of those books last week (why yes, I am 23 years old and still read the Little House books. I am not ashamed). The Long Winter is the one where they twist hay into logs and grind seed wheat with the coffee grinder to make bread.
Good times.

Yeah. I must admit, curious as I am about what an actual blizzard looks like, I am also pleased by my proximity to a grocery store, and public transit. And, come to think of it, a hospital.

Much as I enjoy reading about the Old West, I wouldn't want to live there.
Blizzards are very nice when you are inside and warm and do not have to go anywhere.
So, from when I get home from work tomorrow night until I have to leave for work Wednesday morning should be a relatively pleasant experience, then.

Expect the commute to suck, and if you can stay home do.
I do indeed expect the commute to suck. Luckily, I take public transit, so at least I don't have the drive in the stuff. Will see what I can do on the staying home front, though biology research doesn't tend to lend itself to unexpected days off. Ah, the joys of grad school.