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our compassion for others is incomplete if it does not include compassion for ourselves

So I was reminded of Buddhist practice (I almost wrote Buddhist Best Practice, but only I would have been amused by the irony, and I'm sure somebody would have had to tell me I was wrong on the internet) this morning by, of all things, National Public Radio. It was a good time for the reminder.

I am not sure I actually claim to be a Buddhist, but you know, that guy, he had some good ideas. (Like most of these other guys.)

As I'm poking myself back into motion and Discipline after a couple of weeks of aimless fumbling, that is a good thing to remember. I miss walking, but it's just not happening for the foreseeable future.

I'm reading Nnedi Okorafor's Akata Witch, by the way, which is a treat. I won't say more about it because I'll be reviewing it.

Snowpocalypse is about to become snowmageddon here, with a two-day blizzard coming our way from the plains. It includes, my hand to God, tornado watches. That's right. Snow tornado.

Ahh, global climate change. More energy in = more energy out, I understand that. But snow tornado? That's just... injury to insult.

Now, because the Discipline waits for no internets, it's off to yoga and then various tasks (including giving blood) before climbing. I've determined that tomorrow's Work is going to be one of the book proposals. So at least I have that lined up.

Please come home soon, non-ancient laptop?
Tags: everybody talks about the weather, heavy weather, quotidiana, snowpocalypse now, the discipline

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