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"all we have to do now is wait for it to explode" the sequel

Because of secritcrush's recent experiments with making her own ginger beer, this week I decided that it would be fun to convert this:

Ginger Beer January 2011 001

into this: 

</a>Ginger Beer January 2011 008

It was easy and it worked, though I agree with secritcrush: needs moar ginger, even though I tripled what the recipe called for. I may try making ginger tea next time, and fermenting that.

And after 24 hours, it was not producing much carbonation (it's cold here in the northlands) so I doubled up on the yeast. 12 hours later, the bottle was taut, and I popped it into the fridge overnight.

That kicks the ass of Canada Dry. And it contains some actual nutrients to balance the sugar, what with the ginger and lemon. (In fact, next time I think I will drop the sugar to 2/3 as much, because this was a bit sweet for me.) Also, after two days, enough carbon dioxide for two or three really satisfying belches. Which, as we all know, are the whole point of soft drinks.

More photos here.
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