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bring on the night. i couldn't stand another hour of daylight.

I tell you, I'm writing something set in a steampunk alternate Jazz Age, and I just spent half an hour arguing with myself over whether I could invent surgical scrubs twenty years early.

This, after I cheerfully dropped a masonry dome over Manhattan Island.

I tell you, it's amazing what your brain sticks on.

I am breaking for maintenance and math right now, but will be back at it in an hour or so. So far today, 890 words on Gotham Jazz, bringing me to the end of Chapter 1. Which is, you know, really real progress, and very exciting. I plan to start Chapter 2 after I figure out what the opening sentence is.

In the meantime, if you were wondering: It's really snowing out there.

Snowmaggeddon February 2011 001
Tags: gotham jazz, progress notes, snowpocalypse now
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