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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

it's time i had some time alone

The views out two upstairs windows:

Snowmaggeddon February 2011 005 Snowmaggeddon February 2011 008

And now, back to the word mines.


Feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air.

*nods sagely*
Yeah, here too. Not surprisingly. :-)

My mom told me stories about snow reaching the second level windows when she was growing up in Newfoundland. I thought it was a story. I've never actually seen it. Wow! How does the dog go to the bathroom?
My parents told me the same (about one particular snowfall) from their time (late 1960s) in Sandusky, Michigan (about three hours' drive north of Detroit). I've no reason to believe it false.

I know I've seen pictures from Newfoundland in the last decade of snow that was at least ten feet high, though I'm not able to dig them up again quickly. The roads in the pictures looked like the trench on the Death Star...
I grew up in Southern California and Okinawa, so that much snow didn't make sense to me. :)

Glad the GRD can do his business!
Oh, no, we only have 30 inches or so. There are roofs out those windows.
Still snowing with three feet atop the porch roof (the builder told us this morning that we needn't worry. Glaciation - might put the roof at risk.
Hope Punxsutawney Phil makes it out through his snow tunnel in time to look for sunlight.
Smiles for snowbound days.
Got the icicles, but even the snowplows' heaps are not to the second story yet. . . that's a lotta snow!
Word mines, I love it.
I have the same little light on my table, right by the window. That's wear I sit and drink my tea in the morning, by the light.

I am not of sturdy enough character to live with snow. Brrr.
I poke mine to keep from falling asleep again when the alarm goes off.
I also have the same light! Right here by my keyboard. *reminds self, it might help to turn it on sometimes*
Those are some serious icicles!
That looks a lot like the view outside my windows, too.

Our dog now has to leap UP to get out the back door. Not that she minds; she loves leaping. And snow.