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i can get a straight job. i done it before. never minded working hard. it's who i'm working for.

New words on Gotham Jazz today: 2000, which gets me to the end of Chapter 2. One more chapter, and I have a proposal. Well, once I write the synopsis. Pah, synopsis. It just has to be plausible: it doesn't have to be right.

I got to introduce the police detective today, and that went well. He's a happy worker, and actually I went a little over my quota, so I am saving the other 270 words for tomorrow. With luck, I might even have a proposal done to submit on Monday. (If I get it done before then, I am giving myself whatever time is left in the weekend off, and starting the May Mazer and the Ghost Ship proposal on Monday instead.

Anyway, now I get to take the rest of today off. Which probably means reading some Geoff Ryman. Yay!
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