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bear by san

March 2017



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always winter

sing, shaker, sing.

So here's what I did today:

Nice to know those climber/caver skills have some practical use.

(Yeah, I know my sledgehammering technique could be better, but you try it while balancing out at the end of a belay rope on an ice-covered roof.)

When we ran out of John Henry jokes, we switched to "If I had a Hammer."


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Looks like you saved your roof from collapsing and got in a good workout, too. Good deal. :)
can you come here and get it off MY roof? my ladder got stolen a few years ago...
Closed-in porch flooding here. Admire those skills.
My hat is off to you! I'm impressed as hell!
Hardcore. (I need a Rosie the Riveter icon, but the Valkyries will do.)
Wow! Good for you!
Well, there's a fine example of something you're not supposed to do. Please be careful, and think about hiring professionals who have their own health insurance if you ever have to go up there again.
Heh. I've probably got more hours on a rope than most of those guys.
It's actually a friend's roof, and it took four of us three hours to clear just that one ice dam. That includes rigging the pro, but still.
I held the ladder while my partner did that with a crowbar. Ice dams are not pretty.
And very bad for your roof.
This is officially hard core. I've added 'clearing massive ice flows from roofs' to the list of things real friends do.
*Definitely* hardcore. And, uh.....are you wearing a headlamp?
Yes! It was getting dark. And we had our caving gear, because we bloody well wanted the helmets....
Seems to have been the day for clearing roofs. Had a crew doing mine today (ice damns have re-decorated my kitchen) and while listening to the thumping on MY roof, looked next door to see another crew clearing my neighbor's roof.
You are one STRONG woman. Also, good sense of balance. I'm impressed. And very glad I live on the first floor of a 13 story apartment building these days and don't have to deal with ice dams. (loving mamma_abbie's "ice damn" above, though. Metaphorically speaking)
That's what the belay rope is for: it provides the sense of balance. *g*
Ah, the glamorous life of a writer. ;)
Looks scarier than when we hammer out the small fridge that doesn't self defrost (the whole freezer becomes an ice block).
Do be careful though. It would be sad if an accident while doing this stopped your writing. The world would suffer a real loss.

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