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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop chairman of the bored

i need not to need or else a love w/intuition. someone who reaches out to my weakness & won't let go

Sing it, Vienna.

I was just saying on Twitter that I need a Tom Waits cover of this song. Or Iggy Pop. Or Marianne Faithfull. Something like that.

So that's 615 words of synopsis, and--

I got what I got. I'm calling that a proposal, then.

Tomorrow is a rest day.


Ah, "The Tower". I love that song. And a lot of her other stuff.
me too. *g*
Yay proposal. And rest well.
You know, I'm starting to find the similarity between your and my musical tastes to be positively uncanny. Do you have a hidden camera spying on my CD shelves, or what?

I don't think you and I have ever discussed Vienna Teng. But she sure is good. Her show at Joe's Pub in November 2004 is still one of the best small-venue shows I've ever seen. And yeah, I'd love to hear something by her covered by someone from the gravelly side of the force.
I know about her because she's a pal of my agent's assistant (and my agent), who is an ecto fiend, and also because one of my internet friends sent me "Gravity" and "Harbor" back when I lived in Vegas.

And I was totally hooked.

We do have somewhat creepily intersecting taste, it's true. How do you feel about Peter Mulvey? *g*