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and those who choose to stay will live just one more day

It's like the "Snow fall comes all of a sudden, like, in these parts," panel of Bone out there. Giant fake-looking snowflakes falling through broken sunlight. Kind of pretty.

Only three more inches of Fimbulwinter forecast for today, and then some freezing rain on top of that. And I guess we get a thaw on Monday, which may mean my roof is going to fall in.

Just opened up my second batch of ginger beer. I let this one sit out on the counter for 36 hours before fridging it, and it's been sitting in the fridge for two days. I'm glad I opened it cautiously, sitting in a saucepan, because this one was explosive--I wound up retrieving a full glass of soda from the pan. 

Replacing some sugar with a little bit of honey, it turns out, was the right choice--much rounder flavor, and not as overly sweet. Yum, with a nice mellow afterburn.

I notice I have not yet done my yoga.

Well, it is a Rest Day, I guess. But my shoulder really needs the stretch out, so I will get up and do some sun salutations now.

Tags: fimbulwinter, food porn, suburban peasantry

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