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bear by san

March 2017



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and those who choose to stay will live just one more day

It's like the "Snow fall comes all of a sudden, like, in these parts," panel of Bone out there. Giant fake-looking snowflakes falling through broken sunlight. Kind of pretty.

Only three more inches of Fimbulwinter forecast for today, and then some freezing rain on top of that. And I guess we get a thaw on Monday, which may mean my roof is going to fall in.

Just opened up my second batch of ginger beer. I let this one sit out on the counter for 36 hours before fridging it, and it's been sitting in the fridge for two days. I'm glad I opened it cautiously, sitting in a saucepan, because this one was explosive--I wound up retrieving a full glass of soda from the pan. 

Replacing some sugar with a little bit of honey, it turns out, was the right choice--much rounder flavor, and not as overly sweet. Yum, with a nice mellow afterburn.

I notice I have not yet done my yoga.

Well, it is a Rest Day, I guess. But my shoulder really needs the stretch out, so I will get up and do some sun salutations now.


I have never lived someplace with a really hard winter, and I'm curious about the sledge-hammering you did. Is it because the ice is so thick that it's the only way to get it to break loose? I take it that a mattock or rock hammer would have too strong a chance of damaging the roof if it went through the ice.
It's because when ice dams on a roof like that, first of all there's a ton of weight of up there and the roof can collapse, and second, it lifts the shingles and melt water collects behind it, so the water seeps into the house and ruins the ceilings and walls and books and floors and furniture...
Oh, I understand the why, it's the method that I was curious about.
Below 30 degrees, water is a rock. *g* Your choices are sledgehammer, mallet and chisel, or a tool called an icebreaker, which we did not have.
Thanks for the info. Looks like I'm moving to a place with winter and I want to be prepared.
Well, hopefully you will never have to chisel out the roof. But shoveling and chiseling off the front steps... that's a weekly job, unfortunately.
Snowing Tuesday? Hurray, my chance to observe an expert driving in it!
Are you coming into Manchester or Hartford? And what time? And who is picking you up?
Ed's driving me from Northampton. \o/ Oh and I'm not sure what time; I think he's getting there midmorning? We haven't quite nailed down the schedule yet because I was too busy freaking out about the job stuff.

Edited at 2011-02-05 04:32 pm (UTC)
Do you need my address?
Possibly you should send it to Ed--I'm just a passenger.
perhaps Ed should send me an email...
"Fimbulwinter" is an excellent description. Three to five more inches expected today....
You and secritcrush have me craving ginger ale/beer! I'm determined to make some in the very near future. Must track down 2 liter bottle!

I must have missed where you talked about subbing honey for sugar; secritcrush's brown sugar experiment put me in mind to try honey. The honey would darken the ale (but not as much as the brown sugar), not be as sweet, and go really well with the ginger. If you don't mind sharing, what amounts did you use?
Um. Some.
LOL Noted.
In my email this morning is an ad from B&N that has one of your short stories on special. I think you will like the "from the Masters" part of it...

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