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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

how long was it under your butt getting delicate?

And on that note, I return to my much-delayed Farscape rewatch.

Through the Looking Glass, 1x17
10 September 1999

In which Moya is inexplicably invested in keeping these monkeys around.

Food, finally! A feast of sorts.

Zhaan, failing her Zen master again. And Aeryn is the moral one this week.

"You want to be part of this crew?"
"Only on good days."
"This is one of the good days."

John's blindfold: very resourceful. He does have the Buck Rogers nature; it's just that this universe refuses to revolve around him just because he's a white American male human.

"What kind of creature? The kind that we eat, or the kind that eats us?"

"Any deviation will result in failure."
"I'll still try."

"Before I got here, did anybody believe anything you said?"
"My planet doesn't even go to the moon anymore."

Aeryn is now modifying tech. And is practical and sensible and competent as hell.

John makes his promises to Chiana with his fingers crossed.

"My dear, I've kicked more ass than you've sat on."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:
"Still auditioning for Star Search, I see."
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: John vomiting. Don't barf in Pilot's console, John. John vomiting lot. D'Argo also apparently vomiting, off-screen. Hinerian spit.
Deaths of named characters:
Worldbuilding weirdness: Luxan recipe calling for chicken?
Moments of sheer love:  Everybody trying to have a normal dinner conversation during the starburst. D'Argo hollering for Pilot after he's already failed to answer Aeryn and Crichton. Chain of command apparently D'Argo, Aeryn, John. John and Aeryn inventing a pidgin sign language. Chiana getting her comeuppance for refusing to stay in the red zone.

A Bug's Life, 1x18
17 September 1999

In which D'Argo does not have a bondage fetish.

John in Peacekeeper drag--I think for the first time. 

"You look very... fetching."

"Lighten up, you didn't do it. Well, you did, but it wasn't really you."

"Do what you have to do."

"You can pray all you like. I was expressing a fact."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:

Random Muppets: rubbery infected creature
Bodily Fluids: Aeryn's blood
Deaths of named characters: Larraq, Hassan, Rhed, Thonn
Worldbuilding weirdness: Apparently, Translator microbes can be fooled by a fake Australian accent. What, there were no DRDs in the cargo bay for the first time ever?
Moments of sheer love: DRD shootout! Chiana arguing with the DRD. Chiana heroics. John using Starburst as a weapon.

Nerve, 1x19
7 January 2000

In which Aeryn loses the ability to temperature-regulate, but not her stiff upper lip, and John's ability to brazen it out is unbelievable.

"What's the difference what we want? She's dying."

"You know how to fly this thing?"
"Yeah. You?"

And there stands Scorpius, with his magical ability to kill the music in any club he walks into. I wonder if he can hear the theme music: this would explain a lot.

"Crichton, this is a very good friend."

"We always seem to be saying goodbye."
"You'd think we'd be better at it."

Ah, our old friend the Aurora chair.

Scorpius is wearing a Peacekeeper tailcoat. And has a redheaded assistant with very awful purple lipstick. And Scorpius gets all his exercise jumping to conclusions.

"My side! Your side! My side! Your side!"

Scorpy! Oh, Stark. I hate that character so much.

"You will die. But not today."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:
Nosferatu! Scorpius channeling Count Rugen. Danger Will Robinson!
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Aeryn's vomit.
Deaths of named characters: Commander Javio
Worldbuilding weirdness: Peacekeeper base looks like a WWII rail terminal. Peacekeeper symbol looks like an IDIC. Zhaan cannot handle dialysis, but Moya can. Peacekeepers apparently running their base of 1950s phone technology.
Moments of sheer love:  Scorpius sees Crichton. Crichton sees Scorpius. Storm Troopers stomp John. Scorpius and Crais pissing at each other.


Fuck all, I love that show...
Ain't it the truth?
In one word: Amazing.

Although the PK tech gadgets always look terribly impractical to me.
Despite my perverse love of Doctor Who, I do tend to think that Farscape was the finest science fiction series ever to grace the television screen. It also inspired me to come out of my prose fiction 'indefinite hiatus'. One of the novels I'm working on started life as a very far-fetched bid to bring back Zhaan. And I still think the greatest unrealized pairing was John and Chi. *nods firmly*
Farscape was what SF shows should all aspire too.
Decent Stories, good aliens, good tongue in cheek (I like the Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references).
I would prefer great stories every week, but it is hard to bat 1000 when you are writing that fast and often.
And the make-up was really hard on the actors underneath it all.
Still they created magic on a surprisingly small budget.
I need to go watch it again.
I've got to get back to watching the DVDs; what a bizarrely awesome series. Must schedule some marathons so I can get past the first season. (I got interrupted and have still not picked up where I left off, arrggh.)
"Through the Looking Glass" is the episode of Farscape that my seven-year-old goddaughter insists on watching whenever I babysit. I think I originally showed it to her because it had lots of colors.

(Also: I've watched the entire series twice since you started your rewatch.)
I finally got a full box set of Farscape a few weeks back, and I've been watching through seasons 2 and 3 (just watched the ep with the "I'm your daddy" line from your icon today, hehe). There was some really brilliant stuff on that show.

I think it was your posts about it a few years back that reminded me about the show and got me to finally watch the whole thing.
Farscape is insanely high on the list of things that have melted my brain beyond recognition. I've used "frell" so often friends use it just through osmosis!
You know, some months ago we started watching Farscape in order because semperfiona and lavendargrrl hadn't seen it. We didn't get very far. Fi mentioned this fact earlier this evening, now I know why.

I love this show.
just finished this one - I was loving D'Argo's "1 mippippippi, 2 mippippippi"

thank you for the commentary