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if you can be an idiot, i can be an idiot.

And now, for the first ep of Farscape I saw real-time, back in the day.

The Hidden Memory, 1x20
14 January 2000

In which our heroes organize a jailbreak, Crais has the most awesome skirted leather coat ever, and Moya is in labor.

Hitting makes Crais feel better, too.

"Crais. Don't you ever knock?"

"You can't make things up for the chair." Aww, Scorpius apparently has no knowledge of how human memories are stored, and how many of them are confabulations.

"There's only one way for you to show it's a lie. For you to go in the chair."

So numbas and mivonks are something different? I keep wondering.

"Captain Crais will go to the chair."

The healing light of Stark's brain soothes all.

Poor John; he's resoundingly on the road to madness now.

"There's another thing we can do for you, my Qualta blade and I."

"The radiant Aeryn Sun."
"How many Peacekeers you know on this base?"

Really, a leather corset over a latex tailcoat is not a great outfit for fighting in, PEacekeeper Barbie.

"All right. Let's go bag a senior officer."


I love Aeryn respecting her right to self-determination, though. "She has gone. It's what she wants."

Talon! And Chiana finds her inner hero.

"Keep your weapons ready." We had no other plans, Ka D'Argo. No other plans at all.

<3 D'Argo. When Wookiees and Klingons get a little worldbuilding attention.

"What kind of a beast is he?"

Stark is annoying me less than the first time I watched this. I wonder how I have changed since then.

Farts: Rigel.
Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:  Peacekeeper Barbie
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: John frothing at the mouth, Stark's tears, snot. Spit and sweat.
Deaths of named characters: Gilina. Wah.
Worldbuilding weirdness: Peacekeeper stormtroopers have sparkly pants? Also, telepaths are enslaved?
Moments of sheer love:  Aeryn, Zhaan, and D'Argo going to kick some ass. Starks' brute force and ignorance lockbreaker, the chyron in various languages over Gilina's video feed. Dargo running through ruins with his tendrils bouncing. "You know what I give you, Crais? Your life." TALON!

"Bone to be Wild," 1x21
21 January 2000

"The Peacekeeper scan is directly over us... now."

"Could this be a Peacekeeper trick?"

"A distress call. Directed at us."
"How stupid is that?"

I've been claiming for years that Farscape is a record of a particularly brilliant role-playing troupe, some of whome traded characters around sometimes. This is most obvious when you realize that the person who played Zhaan left the game for a while, and then came back as Crais, while he was a player character. Then she had to leave again for whatever reason, and eventually came back as Scorpius....

I love John smiling while Aeryn gives him worried instructions. He's such a nice boy.

"There's some healthy-sounding sinuses."

Bioluminescent hysterical dinosaur girl is having a crappy day.

"Probably internal bleeding, but... Definitely internal bleeding."


"You're no surgeon."
"Exactly. Now swallow."

"Your olfactory senses are very good. I am also flora."
Zhaan is a plant! I still love her coming out to Crichton, and his befuddled response.
"No, it doesn't bother me, I just never suspected--You're a plant?"
"Always have been, John."

"I am not your enemy. She is."
Yeah, I think he figured that out when she tried to eat him.

John is really beginning to channel his inner crazy motherfucker.

"In the end, we only had each other."

"You may want to keep one foot out of your mouth in case we have to run."

If you were truly physically superior, Scorpy, you wouldn't need the spiked codpiece.

"Son of a --idiot!"

"What do you call that?"

"There is much cruelty in trhe universe."
"Yeah. We seem to have a treasure map to it. Bon appetite."

"When did our roles become reversed, sweet D'Argo?"
"When you required it."

"As a matter of honor, sometimes we must be willing to give of ourselves."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:  "Swamp Thing here ain't the Mr. Rogers scientist we thought he was."
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Luxan snot,  Br'nee ichor
Deaths of named characters: 
Worldbuilding weirdness: Bioluminescent hysterical dinosaur girl has breasts? Well, it makes as much sense as plant-girl having them. Wait, Delbians have chromatophores?
Moments of sheer love: "Your Flatulance." *dopeslap*; "But does the baby?"; "Get off my ship!; Aeryn clobbering Chiana and Rigel; "My orders? Do as he says."

"Family Ties," 1x22

28 January 200

"Something about his corpse. And a bodily function."

Crais and Scorpius hating each other is so wonderful.
Somebody should space Rigel.

Gosh, that shot of Moya and Talon in the asteroid field is gorgeous.

"Ahh, just to be in the warm glow of all this testosterone."

"Your father."
"My mother."

"Ka D'Argo did not commit the crime he was imprisoned for."

"If life was fair, you'd be dead."

"I thought I would live much longer." "I never thought I would live this long."

"It is anarchy. And today is my day to rule."
"Time is short, and so is my temper."

"What if other people want you too?"

"You saved my life."
"Pass it on."

Aeryn's moral compass really emerges full-blown in these last few episodes.

Chiana kisses John. And John kisses Rigel. You cannot ship Farscape: It ships itself.

"I have a job to do. And I am unafraid."

"I wan't going to say goodbye."
"Neither was I."

"How are you doing?"
"I have to pee."

"Fear accompanies the possibility of death. Calm shepherds its certainty."
"I love hanging with you, man."

Farts: Belching. Rigel in the bathtub, of course. Apparently Hinerians bathe in dry ice?  
Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:  Kirk and Spock. Abbot and Costello.
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Aeryn's tears, John's tears, Chiana's tears,
Deaths of named characters: 
Worldbuilding weirdness: So, everybody uses adrenaline?
Moments of sheer love:  "In freedom, if I have anything to say about it."; "I am not your reaper."; "Clearly an awkward situation."; John and Crais communicating
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