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Being a review of Criminal Minds 06x14, "Sense Memory," written by Randy Huggins, directed by Rob Spera.

A pretty solid monster of the week episode, I thought, if not one of the chart toppers. They managed to personify the Final Girl pretty well, even if she wasn't exactly capable of protagging very much. I would have liked more of the old-style CM focus on the impact of these crimes.

Don't tell her she got lucky. Even if you are her.

Loved the two bits early on with Reid realizing he's answering rhetorical points as if they were factual arguments. Gabba gabba we accept you. One of us, one of us.

Love Penelope's Eiffel tower earrings and yellow stockings. Reid's trauma hair is out of control. And it's Morgan's turn to placate the press. Bet they draw straws, and rig it so Rossi does not end up drawing the short one.

Garcia's dialogue was trying a bit hard. I'm glad I don't have to make her sparkle every week. Writing Danny Brady is hard enough.

I liked the profile-over-the-bikers bit. I still miss my elegant scene fades. There were one or two in this episode that came close--the UNSUB's internal detergent commercial fading into the Gulfstream crossing clouds being the one that stuck in my head.

Also, I guess we had some budget to blow on the car chase, and pointless poetic justice. (I'm pretty sure there's an awful Taxi Driver/Jodi Foster joke I could make here. Just imagine I did. And the Laura Palmer Inaction Figure joke too--though at least Palmer got some (posthumous) character development) Poetic justice is never the right answer, scriptwriters.

Reid got to go into the field (drink).

Marvel Comics called: they want their tacky nudity-screening-scenery trick back.

Prentiss's random affectionate statements to co-workers should be a sign to profilers everywhere that she's contemplating something dumb.

The Prentiss bookends (also related to the title) were a lot more interesting to me. Nice ironic touch with the perfume bottles as villain detector: sort of nice to meet her cat. (Now we need Reid's apartment, and a chance to meet Clooney.) I liked her competence.

It's raining around the full moon.

I was wondering why she didn't call the bomb squad, but I guess from the moment you touch a box with one freesia in it, you know it's not going to generate much of an explosion.

Reid would never have a refrigerator that nice. A relief to discover it wasn't his. Also interesting that this is an episode in which Reid keeps making the links that crack the case, but which develops Emily's backstory.

Guess maybe she didn't come off a desk job after all. That would explain that ability to compartmentalize and the multiple languages (With French, I think she's up to five. That's a pretty good spread, although I know a couple of people who speak more.) Aw, Hotch, you never really bought the cover story, did you?

Also, French, Italian, and English. Interesting. Why does Ian Doyle have a Russian accent, presuming that is him? (It explains what he was doing hitchiking murderously across the tundra last episode, at least.) 

If 06x18 does turn out to be Paget's last episode, I dunno exactly how invested I am going to be in keeping up with the show past that.

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