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when i say "hey," you do not say "ho."

First off: Bears in Boston.

I'll be hanging out in the Boskone bar on Saturday the 19th with ctwriter and probably others, if anybody wants to come say Hi. Also, I will be signing books at Pandemonium on the 22nd. Which is Book Day for Grail, not coincidentally.

Pursuant to my complaining about the un-neighborlyness of folks who don't shovel their walks, leahbobet offers a nice link to an essay on citizens vs. taxpayers. Not sure I entirely agree that his conclusions follow, but--

And where, I ask, does that leave the people who are opposed to paying any taxes at all? Not very community-minded, if you ask me.

Maybe that's the new radicalism: community-mindedness.

I'm reading Patti Smith's Just Kids, which kept me up two hours past my bedtime last night. It's okay: today is Saturday, and I voted myself a lie-in to make up for it. The cats seconded, so it was carried unanimously by proper parliamentary procedure. (The dog, as a nonvoting member before 9 am, was not consulted. He's still ignoring his breakfast, though, so he can't have been too hungry.)

Today I have a podcast to record and there's hopes for a trip to the climbing gym if the snow isn't too bad. Also, maybe another scene on the MG proposal. I've gotten to the exciting bit at the top of chapter 2, which makes me eager to keep going. Short chapters are very satisfying--they feel like regular progress.

Oh, and the first pass pages for The Tempering of Men are here. I should probably see to those, so you guys can read 'em in August.

I made maple oatmeal bread yesterday with a couple of parsnips grated up in it. Pretty good, if maybe a touch too sweet, but hey, anything to eat more veggies. It's this recipe, except I use butter instead of vegetable oil, and maple syrup instead of honey, and twice as much rolled oats, and only one cup of bread flour: the rest is white whole wheat, so I throw in a couple of teaspoons of vital wheat gluten.

Oh, and Neil Gaiman has been blogging about giving things away, which inspired me to update my free fiction page. Read and enjoy.

There's a major redesign going on at soon. I know it's been a bit derelict over there recently: we're switching to wordpress, which will make updating easier, but the main reason for the redesign is that, well, my inability to sustain a series for more than three or four books has led to a certain amount of site clutter. Ahem.

This may lead to a certain redistributing of the blogging, but never fear--the livejournal will remain. I've been here eight years now, and I feel like I have a commitment.

In other words, a pretty typical day at the ranch.

Keep your knives sharp and your pencils sharper.
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